Is Argan Oil Good For Hair?

Is Argan Oil Good For Hair?

Is Argan Oil good for hair – for real? Or it’s just all this hype around it?

I personally heard lots of great things about it – which made me wonder whether it’s too good to be true. 

So is it a real remedy for hair care – or it’s just a myth? I analyzed Argan Oil on the whole – so here are my conclusions.


1. The Benefits (On Paper)

Each of us probably heard of Argan Oil. But there are a couple of things you surely didn’t know about it:

  • it’s called “the gold liquid” 
  • that’s because of its extremely nourishing proprieties
  • it works really fast

Basically – the #1 benefit of Argan Oil is the fact that it can moisturize and hydrate better than other oils. 

So it’s pretty clear that it works best for 2 types of hair:

  1. Dry or frizzy
  2. Hair that is prone to dryness

On paper, here’s what Argan Oil can do:

  • deeply hydrates the hair (especially the ends)
  • offers protection against external factors (like humidity or fog)

But as I said at the beginning – that’s just on paper. Because in many cases, the reality is totally different.

So let’s find out if that’s the case of Argan Oil as well – based on my experience with it. 


2. What It Really Does

To be honest – I was a bit skeptical about its real benefits. 

However, after using it for a few weeks – I totally changed my mind:

  • it moisturized my hair better than most oils I tried
  • my hair remained more hydrated than usual
  • it didn’t get back to its frizzy shape (at least not as much as usual)

Now – Argan Oil wasn’t the best product ever, let’s be honest.

But among natural oils, it was one of the most helpful – when it comes to my curly hair.


3. Pure Oil Or Products Based On It?

So Argan Oil is really helpful for dry hair – that’s clear by now.

But should you use the oil itself – or hair products that are based on it? That was my #1 question.

So here’s the thing:

  • pure Argan Oil tends to be more expensive
  • also, it’s harder to find
  • the products based on it have very similar proprieties as the oil itself
  • but they are much cheaper
  • plus, they work pretty much the same

So I would personally recommend using the products instead of the pure oil itself.

However – not every Argan Oil based products are the same:

  • some contain very low quantities
  • others are made of Argan Oil in a high percent

So it’s important to choose a product that seems authentic, has lots of good reviews and also – a decent price. You don’t want to spend a fortune from the first try.


My Verdict – Should You Use Argan Oil?

Short answer: As long as your hair is dry and frizzy, it’s a great option – especially because it’s natural.

So I would mostly recommend it if your hair is curly or lacks hydration. Its benefits are real:

  • nourished dry hair
  • maintains the hair ends hydrated
  • helps keeping the curl pattern

You can use either the pure oil or products that are based on it.

But the products are usually cheaper, so they’re my top recommendation in this case. But if your budget allows it, go for the pure oil.

On the other hand – if you have greasy hair, I would advise you to stay away from oils in general. The one from your scalp is enough.

So that’s the only case where I wouldn’t recommend Argan Oil.

However, if your hair is really dehydrated – you could make an exception:

  • but make sure you only apply it on your hair ends
  • try to keep it away from your scalp

So overall – all these fuss around Argan Oil isn’t just a hype. Its benefits are 100% real – so don’t forget about it next time you’re looking for a hair oil.

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