Best 6 remedies for oily hair

best 6 remedies for oily hairOily hair can be a very frustrating problem, especially because you have to wash your hair every two or three days, simply because you have no choice. However, they say there is a solution for every problem in the world, so there should be one for greasy hair too, right? This is why, I want to show you which are the best 6 remedies for oily hair, that would get you rid of the stress of washing your hair four times a week.

These are mainly hair care products, specially designed for oily hair, but unlike many others have proved to work great for people whose hair is greasy after only little time after washing. So, let me show you my top oily hair remedies.


Nisim Normal to Oily hair Shampoo ($21.20)

Nisim’s new unisex shampoo is designed to clean and nourish normal to greasy scalp, leaving your hair oil free for a longer period.



  • Shows good results for hair that is usually oily, making it last more without getting greasy roots
  • Can be used alone, you don’t have to necessarily combine it with something else
  • Another great effect is that it stops hair loss
  • Also works against dandruff
  • If you don’t see any result in 7 days, they will give you a full refund


  • It’s not designed exclusively for oily hair
  • The price/quantity ratio isn’t that great
  • It doesn’t last for a very long time, only 4-6 weeks
  • They recommend using it daily, which means that you have to wash your hair every day

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Apivita Propoline Balancing Shampoo ($18.98)

Apivita Propoline Balancing ShampooThis Peppermint and Propolis based shampoo is made for people who have extremely oily hair, and promises to reduce the sebum, without drying the hair too much.


  • Combats the sebum secretion very well
  • You don’t have to wash your hair every two days while using it, depending on your hair you can wash it (let’s say) every 4 days
  • It has a pretty light formula, so it doesn’t weigh the hair down
  • Doesn’t irritate the scalp at all, so dandruff won’t be one of your problems


  • The price is pretty high in comparison to the quantity
  • The bottle has only 8.5 oz
  • It won’t last very much if you use it a few times per week

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Tru Moroccan Natural Hair Conditioner for Oily hair ($15.94)

Although people with oily hair don’t usually apply conditioner simply because it makes their hair even oilier, Tru Moroccan’s Parabens free conditioner controls oily scalp and at the same time promises not to cause irritation and dandruff.

Tru Moroccan conditioner

It is the perfect product for someone willing to try the miraculous use of conditioner on oily hair. You can also combine it with the shampoo from the same brand.


  • It’s an organic product so it can’t really produce any harm to your scalp (like itching or dandruff)
  • Although it’s Argan Oil based, it doesn’t make the hair oilier, on the contrary, it combats the greasiness
  • Great for people with oily roots and dry ends, because it also maintains moisture inside the hair
  • The smell is very nice
  • You only have to leave it for 1-2 minutes on your hair


  • The price/quantity ratio is a bit high

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JustNatural Oily Hair Shampoo ($24.99)

This sulfate free shampoo does a great job when it comes to removing the excess oil and preventing its quick reappearance. Plus, because of its natural ingredients, your hair will become extremely soft and shiny.

Oily Hair Shampoo


  • Prevents hair from getting oily for several days, so it works great for people who have greasy hair
  • Also treats dandruff and other scalp irritations
  • It doesn’t require daily use, as other products of this type
  • Has a great scent
  • The price/quantity ratio is pretty good
  • 100% natural


  • The best results appear if you use it together with the conditioner from the same brand

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Maple Holistics Shampoo for Oily, Itchy Greasy Hair & Scalp ($16.95) 

Maple Holistics’ new Oily hair Shampoo is 100% natural, so you won’t have any bad surprises regarding any possible irritation. It actually promises to treat the oily hair, not to cover it.


Maple Holistics Shampoo for Oily, Itchy Greasy Hair & Scalp


  • Successfully treats greasy hair, making it less oily even after 3 days after the last wash
  • Doesn’t contain any toxic ingredient
  • Another effect is stimulating the hair growth
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • It has a great scent
  • The price is very good comparing to the quantity


  • You might need to condition your hair after using it, but only at the ends

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Ryeo Chung Ah Mo Shampoo & Conditioner ($39.90)  

These 2 amazing Korean products are recently appeared on our market, and I can say that they definitely got me. They promise to treat oily hair with dandruff or other scalp problems.


Ryeo Chung Ah Mo Shampoo review


  • They are among the best products for oily hair I’ve tried
  • Prevent hair from getting oily fast, you can even wash your hair two times a week
  • Manage to reduce the (possible) dandruff and itching
  • In my case, they also stopped a bit the hair loss
  • The smell is pretty nice, though a bit unusual (in the good way)
  • The price is not very high, thinking that you get 2 products


  • They are pretty new products, so you can’t find out a lot of things about them before buying

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These are my 6 best products for oily hair. Have you tried any of them? 🙂

8 steps to stop thinning hair in women

Has thinning hair become a big problem for you lately? Studies say that more than half of women will deal with hair thinning at one point in their lives, so in case you’re already noticing some changes in your hair, you should consider taking some measures against it. This is why, I want to show you how to stop thinning hair in women following just 8 steps and how to get your hair back as it used to be.

    1.  Determine the cause

8 steps to stop thinning hair in womenAlthough for us it’s only an esthetic problem, hair thinning could actually be a symptom of a health problem, such as hormonal derangements or anemia. The most common medical issues that can make your hair thinner are thyroid problems or male hormones excess, so seeing a doctor might be very useful in case the cause is a health issue.

The genetic factor could also be a cause, so you should find out if anyone from your family has dealt with hair thinning at one point. If this question has a positive answer, there are several ways in which you can try to stop the thinning.

However, if you’re not able to find the cause of your problem, consider that stress, dandruff or even a busy lifestyle could be a cause. The good news is that you can treat it.

      2.  Start a special treatment for thinning hair

There are many products on the market that can improve hair thinning. However, most of them are designed to combat hair loss, simply because this is the factor that leads to thinning hair.

8 steps to stop thinning hair in womenIn other words, if you notice your hair is falling out massively, you will probably also notice that it is much thinner at the ends and much weaker. This is why, most products focus on reducing the hair loss first and in this way stopping the hair thinning.

Such a treatment would be ideal for someone who has thinning hair, so after determining the cause this should be the next step you follow. If you’re lucky, it may even resolve you problem completely so you won’t have to do anything else.

      3.  Consider taking some supplements

8 steps to stop thinning hair in womenThey might actually work very well in your case, because there are some vitamins deeply related to hair thinning or loss and their lack could be the actual cause of your problems.

The best supplements in this case would include Biotin or Vitamin B7, Vitamin C or Iron. I won’t insist more on this topic, you can find out more reading my post Supplements for hair and health.

      4.  Improve your eating habits

It’s not about what you eat, it’s actually about what you don’t eat.

8 steps to stop thinning hair in womenAlthough you may not believe it, your eating habits have a lot to do with your hair’s condition. The lack of certain vitamins can have a harmful effect on your hair, leading to hair loss or thinning.

This is why you should pay more attention to what you eat and make sure that you consume daily fruits and vegetables. If you want to find out more about this subject, you can check my post Best vitamins for hair growth.

      5.  Try a thickening/volumizing shampoo

8 steps to stop thinning hair in womenThis type of products are actually highly recommended for your hair. The ingredients they contain tend to lift up your hair, making it seem like it has more volume.

Although these shampoos can’t do anything in order to treat thinning hair, they manage to give your hair a thicker look. This is why, a thickening shampoo shouldn’t be absent from your bathroom.

      6.  Use styling tools as rarely as possible

hair straighteningIt is very well known that styling tools damage normal hair, so imagine how much they can harm thinning hair.

If your hair is already extremely thin thanks to other factors, also damaging it yourself is probably the worst thing you can do. In this way, there are very high chances that every treatment you do would be in vain.

This is why, you should try to style your hair as little as possible. As an alternative, there are many ways in which you can curl or straighten your hair without heat, so these could be a great solution for you.

      7.  Try to reduce stress

8 steps to stop thinning hair in womenI know this is pretty hard to manage, but you should do your best in order to reduce stress, because it is one of the first causes not only for thinning hair, but also for many diseases, much more serious than this esthetic problem.

In order to do this, you should make sure you relax everyday by going out, walking, watching TV, reading a book or any other thing you like. By doing this, your body will eliminate the stress and you will start noticing only improvements when it comes to your health and hair.

       8.  Consider getting a darker hair color

As far as I’ve noticed, dark hair tends to seem thicker than light hair. I’m still not sure if this is available for everyone, but I’ve seen that many people’s hair seems thicker when it is darker.

8 steps to stop thinning hair in womenMaybe it’s because of the light, because it penetrates easier lighter hair, or maybe not, as I’ve said, I’m not 100% sure about this thing, it’s just something I’ve noticed.

So, in case you have blonde hair and you want a change of look, go for a darker color. It will make your hair seem like it has more volume and it is thicker, so it might be a temporary solution.


These are the things I do when I notice that my hair is getting thinner, and until now they have proved to work very well. I challenge you to try them if you have this problem, after all you don’t have anything to lose.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be very happy to help you. 😀