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Argan oil, good for hair?

I know many of you aren’t hearing that for the first time, but for those who do, I want to answer this pretty common question: “Is argan oil good for hair?”.

Yes, it definitely is! In case you didn’ know, argan oil is referred to as ” the gold liquid” because of its extremely nourishing proprieties and the rapid action it has on hair. It is highly recommended to people whose hair is prone to dryness, because it deeply hydrates the hair and offers it a protection against external factors like humid weather or fog. In my case, Argan oil really makes miracles.

argan oil good for hairWhen I first discovered it, I was a bit skeptical about its “phenomenon” reputation, but it has deeply convinced me after a few weeks. It was the first natural ingredient that really moisturized my very dry curly hair, it was so different of everything I have tried before!

I was used to having soft hair after washing it, because that’s what most products do, they make your hair feel really hydrated at the beginning, and then it gets back to its normal, dull state.

But with argan oil it’s different. It actually maintains the hydration, so the hair remains really soft even after a few days! There might be many other great products, but when it comes to me, argan oil based products will always be some of my favorites.

This is why, for people whose hair is similar to mine, curly and very dry, I highly recommend argan oil- based products, whether they are a shampoo, conditioner or mask, it’s important to use a very nourishing product. However, I usually choose to condition my hair in order to offer it more moisture, so an argan oil-based conditioner works very well, trust me 🙂

There are also many styling products that contain argan oil, especially those who are designed to protect hair from the heat damage. I remember I had, many years ago, a protection spray that had argan oil on its ingredient’s list. I don’t remember how good it was, but I do remember that it smelled fantastic, I was fascinated by that smell, it made me think about some exotic, far away islands. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it anymore in any shops, so I guess it kind of disappeared.

So, in case you ever need and deep moisturizing, you should try some argan oil-based products or, even better, pure argan oil (which is pretty expensive, though 🙁 ) and you’ll get an extreme hydration.

What hair care products that have argan oil as an ingredient have you used?

Best leave conditioners

Deeply hydrating your hair is important when you want to attract everyone’s attention (and envy :D) when it comes to your hair. And what better things could assure the needed moisture than the best leave conditioners?

best leave conditionersIf you haven’t heard of leave conditioners before, you should know that they are conditioners that don’t need to be rinsed. In other words, they are just like normal conditioners, designed to hydrate the hair, but they are much more diluted so that they don’t make your hair seem sticky or oily. Leave conditioners weren’t so famous many years ago and they started gaining popularity because of the extra moisture they claim to offer.

The truth is that many of them only claim to do so, and the only thing they actually do is to help you detangle your hair immediately after you apply it, because after a few minutes it will only feel sticky.

This is what happened to me while using a lot of leave conditioners, so I got to the conclusion that not all of them are worth buying, simply because you are buying a leave conditioner, not a detangler or a sticky spray…if there exists something like that…

This is why, in this post I will show you 3 of the leave conditioners that helped me most during the past years. In these days there are many types of leave conditioners, for every kind of hair, but I will only present here the ones that work well on every type of hair, simply because they are designed to hydrate, not to enhance the curls or to prevent the greasiness.

As usual, my choice is based in the first place on the effects of the leave conditioners, but also on the quantity/price ratio and ingredients used. So let’s see the winners 😀



miracle leave in conditionerIn this case, the company’s name is fully deserved. I’ve tried several products from them and I can definitely say that they really are a 10! This conditioner is no exception. Though it seems small and maybe helpless, it actually respects its name and makes miracles.

You only have to apply a very little quantity, something like 2 sprays, but it depends on the hair. If your hair is thicker and curlier, then you can apply more, else even one spray may be enough.

miracle leave in conditionerThe results are usually visible immediately, in my case it makes the curls stay better, and also totally prevents the friziness. The smell is also very nice, I really love it. Though the quantity, 10 oz, may seem quite little, this is actually wrong because, as I said, you don’t have to spray very much, so it usually lasts around 3 months.

This is a conditioner that you absolutely must have in your bathroom, no matter if you have straight thin hair or curly thick hair, it’s great for all types of hair and I haven’t heard anyone complaining about it. I’m really curious if there is any 😀

Except the hydration effect, it also claims to protect hair from the heat. I don’t usually straighten my hair, so I can’t say for sure, but thinking about the other products I’ve tried from this company, I believe it’s true. The price is not very big, and for the time it lasts, I say it’s more than convenient.

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justnatural leave in conditionerIf you’ve read some of my other posts, you may remember what a big fan of JustNatural I am. I’m not going to tell you anything more about this company, you’re probably sick of it already, I just want to say that I deeply trust them and will always return to their products, no matter what 😀

This leave-in conditioner is the only leave-in they have, and it’s designed for all types of hair. Its main ability is to hydrate, so obviously people with dry hair will need it more than people with oily hair. But the way it hydrates is… simply amazing. Probably unencountered, yes, that would be the perfect word. None of the leave conditioners I’ve tried before hydrates so well as this one. Absolutely none.

justnatural leave in conditioner2The ingredients are all organic, including Aloe Vera, Babasu Oil and the Avocado Oil I recommended so much in hair masks. Many other are on the list, however, and they are probably all responsible for the deep, gorgeous smell the leave conditioner has.

It also protects hair from the heat damage, I have a friend who is always straightening her hair while using it and, to my huge surprise, she doesn’t have too many split ends. After straightening her hair daily!

The price is not the smallest, but looking at the quantity, it’s very good actually. I guess I could buy 2 other leave-ins maybe less than half this quantity at this price. So I say it’s more than worth it. If you want, give it a try and I bet you won’t regret it!

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Aussie hair insurance conditioner reviewWinner of Teen Vogue Readers’ Choice Beauty Awards, this product is one of the best I’ve used. It’s definitely on my list of leave-in conditioner that don’t weigh down the hair and don’t make it sticky, so only these 2 things are a big plus for me. I’m also a huge fan of its smell, it’s pretty light and makes me think about some fruits, citrus maybe…

What really impressed me was that it doesn’t contain alcohol! Now, that is something normal for many products that I used, but the difference is that those are produced by organic companies, while this one is made by a normal company. If you’ve ever used an organic product you probably know that their prices tend to be a bit higher that normal products’, and this is actually normal, I mean you’re paying for great quality.

However, surprisingly or not, Aussie’s leave conditioner is one of the very few “normal” products that doesn’t contain alcohol. If you look at the ingredients of 95% of the not-organic products, you will definitely see the alcohol on that list, but here, it doesn’t exist. I’m not saying that it’s an organic product, not at all, because it contains other “less useful” ingredients, but the lack of alcohol is a big step ahead. This is probably the explanation for the fact that it doesn’t weigh down the hair.

Aussie hair insurance conditioner reviewGetting back to our story, after applying this leave conditioner, your hair will get much more “obedient”, and by this I mean that you won’t get too many frizzy strands, in case you usually do. However, if you have very thin hair, you should apply only a little and never at the roots, because your hair could get oilier than usual.

The heat protection is one of the things it promises and, as far as I’ve  found out from other people, it keeps its promise. I told you, I don’t straighten my hair too much so I can’t really tell, but I blow dry it quite often and I don’t have any split ends, so I guess it does offer heat protection.

The price is more than amazing, in this moment it actually around $10 for 3 bottles! At this price you really don’t have anything to lose.

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Have you tried any of these conditioners? Or have you tried another leave-in that you loved? I’m really curious to find out 😀