Baby powder for oily hair – Myth or reality?

baby powder oily hairIf oily hair is one of the problems you don’t think you can ever get rid of, then you’ve definitely heard of the so-called “wonder working” treatment, using baby power for your oily hair. When you first heard it, you probably didn’t believe a thing, but as time passed, you’ve heard more and more things about it, so you started wondering “What if there’s something true behind this questionable story?”. Am I right? This is what I’ve been wondering, at least…Now, the answer to this question is exactly what I want you to find out from this post.

Is there any scientific theory related to powder and greasy hair?

No, there isn’t a specific one. However, the idea of using powder in order to reduce hair oiliness is based on the fact that the powder partially absorbs the sebaceous glands’ secretions. In this way, as the biggest part of the sebum is gone, it is believed that your hair will start to look less greasy.

Does it really work?

Yes, it does. As I said in the previous paragraph, baby powder has the ability to reduce the greasiness of the hair, but it has to be applied on dry hair. Many of those who didn’t know that thing about baby powder for oily hair may have thought that it’s some kind of treatment that you could use after washing. No, actually it doesn’t have to do with any treatment, it’s just a “last-minute solution” you can use when you don’t have any choice, I mean when you have an important event and you don’t manage to wash your hair before.

Can it be used on every color and type of hair?

In theory, yes. Now, if you have curly hair, I don’t think you would ever need to use anything of this kind because curly hair is almost never oily. However, if your roots get greasy sometimes, you can try something designed to oily hair, simply because your hair is oily at the roots.

Regarding the hair color, as far as I have noticed, using powder works better on light hair. This is because, no matter what powder you used, it has a light color itself, usually white. I have never seen a black powder, have you? I don’t think there exists, and even if it existed, it would probably be food of colorants, so it wouldn’t be used.

Getting back to our story, when you apply to powder on your hair, you only let it for little time, then you take it off by shaking it off the hair. However, it is almost impossible to take it off completely, so there are big chances that a very small part of powder will remain on your hair. And, as it is obvious, white powder is almost invisible in blond hair, but it is quite visible in dark hair. This is why people with light hair have a big advantage while using powder.

Could baby powder harm your hair?

This is a very common question people ask before actually using powder on hair. The reason is probably that baby powder is not officially a hair care product, even if it sometimes used for this purpose. However, the worst thing it could do (if used exclusively on hair) would be making it more greasy. And I have actually heard about a case when someone started using baby powder on oily hair and her hair became even oilier than before! So informing before actually trying isn’t that bad, is it?

Is baby powder healthy?

NO, it’s not healthy at all! Some sources even say that the talcum powder, the most common component of regular baby powder, would be a carcinogenic ingredient. I don’t know if it’s really so, but one thing is certain, talcum powder is a toxic substance that, if inhaled regularly, could produce serious health problems. Therefore, I don’t recommend the use of baby powder for oily hair, no matter how oily it is and no matter how much you hate it. After all, it’s just hair… Your health is much more important that this.

Then, what should I use?

products oily hairFortunately, there are a lot of answers to this question. Probably the best thing you could use would be dry shampoo. It has the same effect as baby powder, if not a better one, when it comes to absorbing greasiness. There are a lot of types, from light to dark hair dry shampoo, so everybody can easily get one, as they are found in most shops. You only need a few minutes to apply some dry shampoo to your roots, and the greasiness is gone.

Another thing you could use are alcohol-based products. Alcohol also has the advantage of absorbing extra moisture so, as bad as it is for dry, curly hair, as miraculous it can be for oily hair. You can try it yourselves to see! 😉

So, myth or reality?

Reality, but still myth! How’s that? Well, the fact that baby powder absorbs the sebum and makes the hair less greasy is a reality, but its quotidian use is definitely a myth. There is the possibility that using powder every day may have very serious effects on our health, so it is not recommended. To be honest, I wouldn’t use it, the rest is up to you…

Have you ever used baby powder on on oily hair? If you have, I’m really curious what results you noticed 🙂

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