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Best vitamins for hair growth

In this post I want to present you which are the best vitamins for hair growth and health, but also the best foods we should consume to make our hair grow faster and stronger.

vitamins hair health

Believe it or not, there is a strong connection between what we eat and our hair’s health. For example, a diet with very little fresh vegetables or fruits is very likely to have harmful effects on our hair. It may become thinner, more fragile and it may start falling out massively.

In order to prevent this, we have to choose a balanced diet and, if we want to make our hair stronger and healthier, we can also try some vitamins to help it grow faster.best supplements hair growth

Now the good part is that we don’t necessarily have to take medical supplements (we also have this possibility if we want), we can very well start eating more foods that contain a higher dose of vitamins and minerals, so that we get them naturally.

So, to end this theoretical part, here are the most important vitamins that boost hair growth, and the aliments in which they are  found in the highest percentage.



Also called “the Sun’s vitamin” because it’s natbest foods hair growthurally synthesized by our body while being exposed to the Sun’s rays, Vitamin D gives us energy, but it also stimulates the hairs’ follicles and activates the cuticle’s cells. In other words, it helps our hair grow.best food hair growth

Moreover, this vitamin contributes to the balance of our body’s minerals, especially when it comes to the zinc level. If  this balance is not right, the consequences might be losing our hair’s shine, sudden appearance of dandruff or even hair loss.

In order to prevent these problems, we should consume a lot of foods rich in Vitamin D. Fish oil and salmon are probably the aliments that contain the highest quantity of Vitamin D, but this is also found in milk and cereals, eggs, mushrooms, soy and orange juice.vitamin D hair growth

best vitamins hair growth womenThere are also Vitamin D supplements, but, to be honest, I would only take these if I had no other choice. I believe it’s much better getting the Vitamin D naturally 🙂




This vitamin is responsible for stimulating the blood vessels that are connected to the hair’s roots and is also implied in our hair’s growth and strength.Vitamin E hair growth

There are many hair care products that contain Vitamin E, in order to offer extra hydration and shine.vitamin E hair

Vitamin E is available in pharmacies as supplements, but it’s not recommended to take them for a long time, as they could make blood vessels thinner.Vitamin E foods hair

However, you can easily find this vitamin in many green fruits and vegetables, like spinach, avocado or kiwi, but also in almonds, nuts, peanuts, corn, brown rice and integral cereals.



When your body has a normal quantity of it, Vitamin A hair growthVitamin A maintains our scalp clean, dandruff free.

Vitamin A hair This vitamin is actually indispensable to our lives, as it is an oxidation preventive, but it could also lead to hair loss, if the quantity from our body is too high.

As you probably know, orange and yellow vegetables and fruits are natural sources of Vitamin A. Except these, it can also be found in eggs, beans and spinach.


VITAMIN CVitamin C hair

Vitamin C hair growthEven though most of us know that Vitamin C is responsible for a strong immune system, it’s less known that this substance is very important for hair too.

It has a role in the production of collagen, that makes our hair grow, and it’s also related to the processing of iron, an essential component of hair.Vitamin C foods hair

Everybody knows that Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, but it’s also present in broccoli, spinach and peppers.


VITAMIN HVitamin H hair growth

Also known as the biotin, Vitamin H is an important vitamin, that maintains our hair and nails healthy. Vitamin H deficiency could lead to hair loss or hair thinning.

However, a diet rich in Vitamin H would strengthen the hair and help it grow faster. When it comes to food, this vitamin is usually found in nuts, avocado and eggs.

Vitamin H hair Vitamin H foods hair growth

Thinning hair

I admit that in the last year, the thing I’ve been researching most when it comes to hair is the best hair treatment for thinning hair. I found several things, from hair health vitamins and supplements for hair and health to good shampoos for thinning hair. A lot of theory, but nothing really practical… Still, the question is, did they have any good effect on my hair or they were just another hair improvement myths?
best hair treatment thinning hairProbably this picture isn’t the best one, but thinning hair is by definition the type of hair with a lot of volume and healthy hair in the upper side and very damaged ends. The hair typically gets thinner from the ends to the root.

WHAT IT MEANS: As I said before, we usually lose around 100 hairs a day, which is absolutely a normal thing, but do we have to worry if we notice this number is actually much bigger? Probably…

If hair falls out in strands, it means it’s not doing very well and that there is something that lies under this pretty massive fall. In this case the hairs usually fall out of the roots, so you get the feeling of having “less hair”.

THE USUAL CAUSE: You may not believe it, but the most common factor that makes hair thinner is actually STRESS. When I first heard it, I was like “What does it have to do with it all, seriously?!”. There’s actually a big connection between stress and hair state. Now, when I say “stress” I don’t necessarily mean that situation when you have to finish a project for work and you’re desperate because you don’t have enough time. No. Stress is actually represented by a very powerful psychological factor, something really tough or unexpected. It could be losing someone you love, getting a divorce or even losing a job. These are just a few examples, stress is actually very likely to appear in many situations.

THE MEDICAL CAUSES: One of the most common medical causes for thinning hair are hormonal derangements and treatments with certain medicines that have this as a side effect. Diabetes could also make hair thinner and experts say that a sudden massive hair thinning could be a sign of a diabetes occurrence. Other medical causes are anemia and iron or protein deficiency.

supplements for hair and healthWHAT TO DO: The first thing you have to do is to find the cause of the thinning. If you have recently started taking a drug, you should check the side effects and find whether hair thinning is one of them or not. If you see it on the list, then it’s better to consult the doctor or the pharmacist and change the drug with one that doesn’t produce hair thinning.

If you also have other symptoms that could suggest something more serious, then it’s better to see a doctor, just to make sure everything is all right. There may not be anything wrong, and if there is any problem, there are a lot of simple treatments.

If you don’t see anything else unusual going on with your body, then you could start taking vitamin D supplements. This is a tip for helping your hair grow and strengthen.

WHAT I AM DOING: I’m still confronting with hair thinning… Though I don’t think I would ever get rid of it, my hair seems to be improving day by day. I’m using specially designed for thinning hair products and guess what? They seem to be working pretty well.

vitamins hair healthRECOMMENDATIONS: As I said, probably the most important thing you can do for thinning hair is taking properly care of it. If you’re doing your best and it doesn’t seem to be improving, then try again! There must be a solution, a better product you haven’t tried before and that could have a better effect. Seriously, don’t give it up! I will show you some of the products that work for me, but these are definitely not the only ones that make your hair healthier. There are a lot of things you can try, here are just some.

Also, note that curly hair is much more likely to get thinner at the ends than straight or wavy hair. It’s about this type of hair’s structure.

As I’m still dealing with hair thinning, I’m really curios if there is any product better than the ones I know, that would miraculously get my hair better. So if you have any idea, you really have to tell me this! 😀