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Best hair treatment for damaged hair

best hair treatment damaged hairStyling your hair everyday could actually do it a lot of harm, as you already know, probably. This is why it would be good to try some treatment in order to restore your hair’s health and shine. But which is the best treatment for damaged hair? Something from natural ingredients or a treatment bought right from the shop?

The truth is that in our era there are so many treatments everywhere that we have so many to choose from! We can get one from the beauty shop, from the drugstore, from the pharmacy or even from our home, using natural ingredients.

These are all great alternatives but, as far as I’m concerned, I believe a home-made mask is best hair treatment damaged hairalways the best. You may say that it’s very complicated making it, that the consistency it has is not always the most desirable or that you have to keep it on for a very long time. Yes, that’s true…

But the advantages it has outweigh all these issues. The most important thing is that you know exactly what ingredients you add, unlike the bought treatments, that often contain alcohol, parabens or other extremely dangerous ingredients that could do you more harm than good. Home made masks also contains natural, fresh ingredients, and we all know that natural is better than anything.

Therefore, I usually prefer to make a hair mask myself than using one bought from the shop, I’ve tried both versions and I prefer the first one. However, hair treatments from beauty shops are also very good for damaged hair, so it’s all up to you 🙂

In one of my previous posts I’ve presented you the best hair masks for each type of hair. In case you’ve read that post, you may remember that I insisted on using a lot of oils in order to moisturize the hair that is dry and damaged. These are exactly the ingredients the best treatment for damaged hair is based on.

best hair treatment damaged hairIf I recommended either castor oil or olive oil for dry hair, for damaged hair I usually use them both. Why? Because they both have nutritive proprieties and work better together than separately in this case. They will properly moisturize the hair and they will also repair split ends (also masking them).

So, except those two oils, you should also add some honey, which is one of the best solutions for damaged hair. Though it will make the hair mask a bit harder to apply, it’s definitely worth it because it will also add shine to your hair, besides hydrating and repairing it.

Something I always add in my hair mask for damaged hair are Vitamins A and E. If I don’t take those vitamins as supplements, I believe it’s good to apply them at least on my hair, in order to make it thicker and to help it grow faster (obviously my biggest obsession :D).

You can also add an egg, both the yolk and the white, if you want to make the mask less thick and easier to apply.

So, let’s find out how to prepare the hair mask:

Depending on your hair’s length and thickness (the longer/thicker the hair, the higher the quantity), you should add around:

3 spoonfuls of olive oil

3 spoonfuls of castor oil

10 drops of Vitamin A and 10 of Vitamin E

2 spoonfuls of honey

one egg

hairmaskThis is how it generally looks like, of course the color may vary, but usually it’s around yellow.

These are the quantities I usually use for my shoulder length hair, so if you have longer hair, you definitely have to change them a bit. But don’t worry, there isn’t a certain quantity you have to add, any of those ingredients can’t harm you, so even a much bigger quantity isn’t wrong 🙂

I usually add the hair masks in my hair by sectioning it from top to bottom and applying it with a small brush. It’s quite an improvised method, but for me it works, so I’m not going to change it.

You should leave it in your hair for at least one hour (2 would be great, 3 would be amazing :D) and then rinse deeply, but deeply, because the honey is pretty difficult to rinse, so make sure you don’t get any small pieces remained in your hair.

As far as I’ve tried, this is definitely the best treatment for damaged hair because it restores your hair’s health much faster than others. However, don’t imagine that you only have to use it once and you’re done with it. It will actually improve your hair’s aspect even after the first use, but there’s still more to go, you should repeat it at least three times in order to get the best results, obviously this depends of how damaged you hair actually is.

So if you have some ambition and some desire to make your hair healthier and to prevent future damage, I say you should give it a try. There’s nothing to lose after all 🙂 If I can ever help you with anything or if you only have some questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by simply writing a comment and I promise to answer you as soon as I can.