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Welcome to How To Get Great Hair

This website is focused on hair health and tips on how you can make your hair look better.

At How To Get Great Hair, we are passionate about providing you with honest, easy-to-understand information on hair techniques, tips and products. Our articles can help answer many of your questions about different aspects of hair health – especially hair loss and growth issues:

We advise you on how you can improve your hair health.

We look into causes and results – but also offer solutions.

If you are looking for a new hair product or information on your old product, our comprehensive review section will surely help you.

We examined the products we consider to be the best on the market. So this will save you time and effort when considering your options.

We do our best to give you the right advice.

We put a lot of research into our posts and constantly cite science journals and research papers. In this way, you can check whether the information mentioned in our articles is real or not.

We are proud of the work that goes into each of our pieces and hope you enjoy them! 

Through our articles, you can:

  • Learn facts about hair companies, products and services
  • Find product reviews from real-life experts and consumers just like you
  • Educate yourself on hair health


Something About The Author

Olly Roman is a registered pharmacist with an experience in medicine and health field. She spent 5 years studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy to learn more about the last generation treatments for various medical conditions and maintaining health.

She graduated from Pharmacy School and has recent studies in sub-fields like Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology, Pharmacology, etc.

Additionally, she has a 2 years experience in retail pharmacy – particularly, hair care industry. 

While creating this website, her goal was to provide high-value content regarding hair health and problems.

Her articles are meant to:

  1. Answer all your questions about a certain hair condition.
  2. Improve general hair health.
  3. Offer an additional opinion (besides the one of a specialist, which she fully advise you to consult before).
  4. Advise about the best herbal remedies/tips/products for your problem.
  5. Give an honest opinion about different brands or products.
  6. Help people educate about hair health.

Olly tries to combine personal experience with medical skills and scientific research, in order to create a helpful review of certain products.

She does not claim to know everything about a certain product – or that her articles can replace medical advice. For this reason, she recommends consulting a doctor FIRST. 

However, she is willing to answer your questions, comments or feedback on each article.

Additionally, you can contact her via Linkedin, social media or email.


How Can This Website Help?

As you can tell by now, its main purpose is to offer tips and advice about hair health, loss and growth. 

The articles will educate you on how to improve your hair overall and an eventual condition. All the articles on this website are meant to help readers directly – so there is no information that you cannot use.

Also, the reviews are designed to save your time and money from the wrong products. Instead, you will find out what is the best product for the price and what ingredients are most recommended for your problem.


How Do We Determine What Products Are The Best?

Determining the best hair product isn’t as easy as you might think.

We include a series of comparisons factors that make the difference among different products. Some of these are:

  • personal testing by our authors
  • other authentic customers’ testing
  • deep medical research
  • ingredients/substances research
  • expert opinions

However – we are always transparent and mention all the factors we included in our decision.

We will never call a product a scam without sufficient and valid information. On the other hand, we will never praise a product if it doesn’t have enough data behind. 

So putting together personal testing, deep research and expert opinions, the readers get the chance to view a product as it is from the inside (not just from the outside). Judging after the feedback we received, this is a extremely useful.


How Do We Make Money?

Some of the products on this website contain affiliate sales links. This means that if you make a purchase, we will receive a small commission (at not extra cost for you).

However, this has nothing to do with our recommendations. The top recommended products have clear advantages, which are explained thoroughly. So certain products aren’t recommended due to a relationship with their company. 

We only recommend the products that:

  • worked well enough for people testing them
  • have quality ingredients with clinical evidence behind
  • have the lowest possible price
  • are affordable for people around the world
  • have positive opinions behind

You will never find a bad quality product recommended by How To Get Great Hair. If you believe there is one such, please contact us immediately.



Nothing in these articles should be construed as personal medical advice or instruction.

Do not do anything or stop doing anything, as a result of anything you read here. Always seek individual advice from your own doctor or medical professional on all matters relating to your hair health and well-being.

While we make every effort to ensure all posts are accurate, and include references so you can check the facts yourself, no information here is intended as the ‘final word’ on any topic. 

We cannot be held responsible for any information that is missing from this website, or for any incorrect information found by following a link on this website. These articles and advice are all provided in good faith.


Looking For a Product We Haven’t Reviewed?

We do not claim to know every hair product on the market.

However, we love to engage with our readers! So feel free to contact us if:

  • there’s a product you want us to review
  • you want to know more about a specific hair problem
  • you have any feedback on our website

We’re opened to suggestions and improvement, so you can contact us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you!