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How to brush hair correctly

How to brush hair correctlyYou may not have known it, but the way you brush your hair can actually have a very big influence on its appearance and health. Many people brush their hair several times a day, but they do it in a such an improper manner that they manage to damage their hair very badly without realizing it.

I want to make sure that you, the ones who read my posts, will never get in this situation so I want to show you how to brush your hair correctly, helping it become healthier and growing faster. So keep reading. 😀


Is combing indispensable?

Not at all, on the contrary, if you have curly hair I really advise you not to do it unless you want a huge volume.

How to brush hair correctlyI almost never brush my hair actually. It gets frizzy anyway and it’s hard to prevent this, so brushing would be like getting it frizzy by myself. It’s true that my hair is usually knotted, but using a conditioner really helps this, so it’s not that bad.

Getting back to our story, combing isn’t really necessary for everyone, but I would still recommend people who have straight hair to comb it at least once a couple of days. And if you’re one of the people with curly hair, it’s your own choice. If you want to brush it, you can do it and if you don’t, it’s okay anyway.


“Brushing your hair 100 strokes a day” is just a myth

I can definitely guarantee that this thing with brushing your hair 100 strokes a day is totally wrong. I’ve heard many people saying it will make your hair shinier, healthier and a lot of similar things, but I can definitely say it’s not true.

How to brush hair correctly100 is still a pretty big number, so combing your hair so many times can’t do it any good. Seriously. Imagine that you’re pulling a rope 100 a day. It will break very fast, won’t it? It’s the same with hair.

Although I don’t recommend you to brush your hair 100 times a day, there isn’t a certain number of times you have to brush your hair everyday, simply because this doesn’t matter very much.

The problem isn’t necessarily how many times a day you brush your hair, it is actually the manner in which you do it. You can brush it 20 times a day and not do it any harm, and you can also brush it once and damage it. And doing this little damage everyday will lead to a visible damage after months or years.

However, brushing it 100 times a day is still way too much, so I definitely advise you not to do it (anymore). It won’t do you any good about hair shine or health, on the contrary.


How can brushing damage your hair?

Combing your hair roughly can harm it a lot actually, but I’m sure you’ve heard this before.

Though it’s quite a cliche, roughly brushing is the source of many hair damaging problems people have. That’s why, it’s important to make your brushing ritual a very gentle one, else the only one who will suffer will be your hair.

You can read more about the right brushing method below, but mainly it’s about going from the ends to the roots, so that you won’t worsen the tangles.


The best brushing tools

How to brush hair correctly

The first thing you have to do is choosing the right brush. This is a very important step, as the small difference between a good brush and a bad one can become a huge one for your hair.

Although you might be surprised, ordinary combs are much better than sophisticated brushes.

That’s why, I would suggest you to choose a comb instead of a brush, because combs tend to have less teeth than brushes, so the possibility of damage is much lower.

The best combs you can choose are the ones that have each tooth cut into the comb. They are similar to a saw, that’s why they are also called “saw-cut combs”.

How to brush hair correctlyThe best material for a comb is either high-quality plastic or hard rubber, because they have anti-static proprieties and will prevent your hair from getting frizzy.

If the comb you use is made of metal or cheap plastic, you should change it because these type of materials can really weaken your hair.


The correct technique

On dry hair make sure you comb gently, without pulling your hair. If you have any tangles, try combing them with care, without pulling them. The correct method would be to start combing from the ends, then going to the middle and afterwards at the roots.

How to brush hair correctlyIn other words, comb the tangles from the ends first. If you have a lot of tangles, you might wanna try a detangling spray, it would help you brush your hair quite easy.

Once you get rid of them, start combing from the middle to the ends, because you won’t have too many tangles left. In the end, you can brush normally, from the roots to the ends, without fearing that you would produce any damage.

When it comes to wet hairtry to avoid brushing if possible. Wet hard is usually stretched up, so brushing can easily break it much faster than dry hair.

How to brush hair correctlyI admit I’ve tried many times to give up this “bad habit”, with no success actually. So, if you’re so stubborn as me, I really advise you to use conditioner after every wash. Conditioning your hair will make it very soft and remove most of the tangles. And you know that saying, “no tangles, no breakage”. In case it doesn’t sound familiar…I invented it. 😀 😛


Keep your brushes and combs clean

How to brush hair correctlyRegularly cleaning brushes and hair combs will prevent them from collecting dirt and sebum, so you’ll be able to use the with no worries.

I usually use antiseptic dissolved in water to cleanse my brushes and combs, though I don’t brush my hair very often, so I only need to clean the up rarely. Still, it’s good to do it every couple of months, especially if you’re a brush lover. 🙂


To conclude

Brushing is an activity that can cause damage, but if you do it gently and use a good comb, there’s nothing to worry about. Of course that you don’t need to comb 100 strokes a day. Remember that brushing your hair everyday isn’t a necessity, but it’s still the best method to detangle it, so make sure you maintain your combs clean.


What do you think about my post, was it helpful or you already knew these things?

Will you change your brushing method from now on so that you won’t damage your hair at all?