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Causes for oily hair

causes for oily hair

I’ve been asked many times which are the causes for oily hair and why do some people have this hard to keep type of hair. Well…it’s quite a long story.

There are a lot of people dealing with this problem,right? As far as I’m concerned, I think it’s the number 1 problem people have when it comes to hair. It gets greasy one or two days after you wash it,and the only thing you can do is washing it again,and again…and again.  So the question is, is there any cure for oily hair or you’ll just have to fight with it all your life?

WHAT IT MEANS: There is a story going around that has a blaming tendency: if you eat fast-food, your hair will become oily. So, according to this, if your hair gets greasy the next day after you wash it, it’s just your fault!causes for oily hair

That’s exactly what a friend of mine was told a few months ago… She wasn’t even the type that ate out very often, and even if she was, connecting fast-food with greasy hair seems a big absurdity to me! The only possible situation I could ever imagine would be eating a dish of french fries, not washing your hands and then running your hands through your hair. Else, I don’t possibly know how could food influence the sebum production.

A COMMON CAUSE: This would probably be genetic heritage. If people from your family were dealing with this problem, it is very likely you’ll have to deal with it too.

A MEDICAL CAUSE: Some say that higher sebum production is related to hormonal problems, or a wrong medical treatment for a certain condition. To be honest, I don’t actually think this is true… From what I’ve seen, most people have oily hair simply because…. they do. There’s no reason for it. They could simply have normal hair, they just have it oily. Maybe it’s because we’re all so different from one another, and this makes the world such a beautiful place. Or maybe there is just no explanation for it. I take upon me the fact that I don’t have any answer to this question 😀

causes for oily hairWHAT TO DO: Of course, as I said before, there is always something to do about it. There are a lot of products specially made for oily hair. There are also a lot of natural home-made hair masks, which, used for a larger period, could decrease the sebum production. The most important part, though, is that the results depend very much from person to person, so if a product made a miracle for your friend, it may not be as effective in your case. The key is just to try.

Also, if you want to see some tips that might help you hair stay oil free for longer time, you can check this great article about Keeping hair from getting greasy on Wikihow.

WHAT I WOULD DO: I admit I have never had too much to deal with greasy hair. Maybe only when I was little, when my actual curls were long, very thin strands that didn’t even look decently.

Things have changed, though, and now I don’t remember seeing my hair getting oily lately, but I do have a lot of friend who are always complaining about this. I was actually thinking, it’s absolutely impossible to talk to friends about hair and not to hear the “oily hair” problems, really. Absolutely impossible!p12

My friend has been trying some homeopathic products which she claimed to be very good. Not miraculous, just very good. This means that it will not make your hair drier from the first use, but it will make it so after a few weeks of usage. I also know people who have tried specially-designed products and they were very satisfied with it.

RESULTS: They vary very much from person to person, but generally, you should see a little improvement after 2 or 3 weeks of using the product.

What things do you use for oily hair? Do they have any effect or would you like to try something else? I am preparing a post about some of the oily hair products that I’ve heard the best things about, so if you’re interested, keep following my blog 🙂