Understanding “the hair mechanism”

hair growth mechanism


There are many people out there who misunderstand a lot of things when it comes to hair growth,  health or even other issues, but the point is that, once we deeply understand how things work when it comes to the hair aspect, we can start treating and taking care of it in the right way 🙂

Now, when it comes to hair, most people worry about the way it looks, if it’s beginning to go white and similar things. In other words, we try to take care of our hair so that is has a beautiful aspect. I’m not saying this is wrong, on the contrary, it should actually be our biggest motivation, but there is something more beneath this.

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The hair we praise and love so much is actually the dead part of the hair follicles. The living part is actually the root that is deep under the skin. I definitely did not know this before I started learning more about this, and it has completely changed my approach to the hair.

The follicles’ roots are actually connected to small blood streams that provide them nourishing substances and hormones. Now here comes the interesting part: hair growth is actually very much related to the hormones. Estrogens, or female hormones, stimulate hair growth, while androgens, the male hormones, tend to make it fall. This is the reason why men suffer from hair loss more frequently than women.

Many people know that the protein that underlines the hair structure is keratin. You have definitely heard of keratin-based treatments that restore the beauty of the hair and make it stronger and so on. Those treatments are definitely useful, but there’s more about it. The keratin from our hair contains two amino acids, called methionine and cysteine. The latter’s role is to make hair stronger than other fibers, therefore the hair that contains less cysteine is more likely to break or to be more fragile.

hair microscope

This is how human hair looks like at the electronic microscope.

Getting back to our story, when the follicles’ roots receive normal nourishing substances and a normal quantity of hormones, hair grows normally. The speed may differ from person to person, but an average would be around 1 cm per month. That would be about 0,4 inches per month. Doesn’t sound very much,does it? Fortunately for us, we have several alternatives to speed up the process, alternatives which I will discuss in a future post.

Now here comes a problem we all have or will deal with at one point of our lives. That is…hair loss 🙁

I’m sure most people have observed more hair on their clothes or pillows in a certain period of the year, usually this period is somewhere in the autumn-winter. We generally tend to become scared, thinking we would lose a lot of our hair and get bald spots on our scalp, but actually it is very unlikely it will happen so.

Normally, an average person loses at least 50 hairs a day, and this figure can actually be higher, it depends very much from person to person. Anyway, this number may seem really disappointing, but the secret is that hair is always regenerating, so if you lose 100 hairs one day, it is very likely that other hairs have already begun growing. Actually,you won’t even tell the difference!

The hair loss speed is not that big and it is almost impossible to let you without much hair left. I said “almost” because there are situations when hair loss is massive and in that case,it is probably a symptom to a more serious issue, but the good news is that it is treatable. About these serious hair losses I will take more in a future post.hair loss care

So now, I think you have found out the most important things about the “hair mechanism” and if you understood these, I believe you have a very good base for a  properly hair care.

I am sorry if this post was not very interesting and even a bit boring,but…I just had to say these theoretical aspects. I tried to highlight the most important things a person with non-medical studies should know for its own good, and I really hope I managed to make you find out something useful and which would help you 🙂

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