Straighten your hair without straightener – “The Swedish Wheel” method

In case your hair is curly or it has small waves at the ends, there are two options: either you’re very proud of your curls, or you absolutely hate them. And if you’re in the last category, then you’re probably used to straightening your hair pretty often, which can damage it very much. But this usual hair straightening has to stop! Not only because it’s very harmful, but also because there is a much better (and healthier) alternative, which I personally call “The Swedish Wheel”. It’s a way to straighten your hair without straightener, so if you wanna try it, pay attention to the next lines. 😀

Straighten your hair without heat - "The Swedish Wheel" methodAs far as I know, this is an Italian method (not a Swedish one, as you probably believe after its name 😀 ), that was extremely popular 30 years ago, when there weren’t any hair straighteners or styling tools.

So, if women from that time wanted straight hair, they had to find a way to get that using all their possible means. This is how the “Swedish Wheel” method appeared.

The method itself is not very complicated, though it may sound so after my explanation ( 😀 ), but in case you have a difficult time understanding exactly what you have to do, you can watch the video from the end. I actually suggest you to watch it, it’s much easier to understand something after seeing a video than after reading about it.

Anyway, let’s get back to our story and see the “Swedish Wheel” method.

 1.   Wash your hair and brush it very well

The first step isn’t very complicated, you only have to wash your hair using the normal shampoo and then condition it, for a better nourishment. The next thing is brushing your hair very well, so that you don’t have any curly patterns.

 2.   Tie some of your top hair strands in a bun

Straighten your hair without heat - "The Swedish Wheel"You can do this very easily, in the same manner as you tie your hair when you straighten it. However, try to make sure your hair is very well brushed before you tie it in a bun, especially if it’s usually curly. Else, at the end you’ll get straight hair and a few curly strands, which is not what you want. I tell you this from my own experience. 😉

 3.   Take a bigger hair strand and roll it around your head

This is how you really begin the straightening, by brushing very well a bigger hair strand and then rolling it right around your head. After reaching the end of that hair strand, use a hair pin to hold it there. Make sure that the strand you’ve just rolled is straight, else you may not get the desired result.

 4.  Apply the same procedure to the other hair strands

Straighten your hair without heat - "The Swedish Wheel"Once you reached the end of the first hair strand and you put the pin in it, you should do the same with the next hair strand, until you manage to roll all your hair around your head. This sounds more complicated than it actually is, really. In fact, it’s quite easy. But you’ll understand better watching the video from the end.

This is an image taken from YouTube, so it’s not mine, but this is how it should look at the end.

 5.  Cover your hair and blow dry it or let is dry naturally

After finishing with the rolling, you have to cover your head using anything you want, and then wait until it dries. If you’re in a hurry or if you simply don’t feel like waiting, you can use the blow dryer for a faster dry. However, you can also let your hair dry naturally, but make sure it is fully dried before you move to the next step.

 6.  Take off the hair pins and then brush your hair

Straighten your hair without heat - "The Swedish Wheel" methodThis is the last step, and it consists of something pretty simple: removing the hair pins and brushing your hair. Now, when it comes to taking off the pins, you can do it in any order, personally I prefer to remove the ones from the front first and then the ones from the top, but this doesn’t really matter, I mean it doesn’t change the result at all.

After doing this, your hair will probably not look very well, and by this I mean that it will not look very straight, you might actually have some curls remained.

This is why it’s really important to brush your hair very well, because this will totally change it. This is because, as the hair was dried straight, it will tend to become straight after being brushed. And don’t worry, it won’t get frizzy, or at least it shouldn’t get so.


I know it sounds like a very sophisticated method, but it’s actually not, on the contrary, it’s quite simple once you get used to it.

Anyway, I guess it seemed so complicated because of my explanation ( 😀 ), so I attached here a video from YouTube, one of the easiest ones I found there. I remember it was the first one I saw, and it really convinced me to try it.

As I told you it was an Italian method, most of the videos I found (including this one) are in Italian, but the language shouldn’t be a problem, you can understand the method very well just by watching. However, in case you still have questions or if you’re curious what exactly the girl from the video is saying, you can write a comment, and I will help you. 🙂

So, without any other words, here is the video, enjoy it. 😉

Have you ever tried straightening your hair using the Swedish Wheel method? 🙂



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