Oily, greasy hair

As far as I’ve noticed, more than 60% of white people have straight hair, which is much more prone to greasiness than curly hair. Oily hair tends to look pretty bad if it isn’t properly taken care of, and many times this “proper care of” is quite difficult, simply because it can exhaust you.

oily hairI know a lot of people who are always telling me how sick they are of their hair! They have to wash it every two or three days because else it looks terrible, and this “eternal” hair washing is driving them crazy.

I imagine how it would be to be in their shoes, and I guess it would be anything but good.

However, there are some things you can do in case you also have this problem. In this category I will try to show you some tips and ideas in order to help you improve the greasy hair problem, if not solve it completely. I know it may be frustrating many times, this is why I will try to write about the things that have proven to be successful and that have shown pretty good results when it comes to oily hair.

Stay tuned! 😀



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