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In case you’re sick of seeing your hair extremely dry because of weather, styling tools or any other reason, I guess you should consider getting for a special conditioner that would get you rid of this problem. And the best hair conditioner for my dry hair was definitely Keratase. Let me tell you why. 🙂

 keratase conditioner reviewProduct name:Keratase Nutritive Fondant Nutri-Thermique Conditioner

Producer:  L’Oreal Paris

Price: $29.98

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Quantity: 6.8 ounces

Mark: 9.7/10

L’Oreal Paris’s Keratase is a wonderful product for people with dry, damaged hair. Really. Absolutely wonderful. I’ve tried other products from L’Oreal Paris before, so I trusted them, I knew they were a serious company that don’t promise something they don’t offer. I’ve seen many positive reviews about Keratase, so I really wanted to try it myself, to see if it’s really true or if they’re just rumors.

What this conditioner promises to do is intensive moisturizing (for very dry and damaged hair), thanks to the heat activation mechanism, and also thermal protection, which I find amazing, I’ve said it before. I mean, there aren’t many conditioners that do both of these jobs, or if there are, they cost very much.

This conditioner has visible effects even after the first wash. During the winter, my hair is even drier than in other period, so this was the perfect time to try it. I couldn’t believe that my hair didn’t get frizzy at all after several days. And it’s not like I’ve been staying only in the house, on the contrary, I had to go outside pretty often, so it was really wonderful seeing no frizzy strands in my hair. Not to mention that it also smells very well.

keratase conditioner reviewMy hair is so hydrated after using Keratase that I don’t even need anything else, I mean I don’t have to use any hair mask during the week in order to get my hair extra hydrated. That’s actually the big advantage this conditioner has, that it offers a very high level of nourishment.

Though it is one of the best conditioners when it comes to dry hair, Keratase doesn’t work very well on fine or normal hair. The extra moisture is a bit too much for a hair that isn’t excessively dried, so the only thing it does is to weigh it down and make it look oily. Therefore, if your hair isn’t dry, there’s no point in trying Keratase, you will most likely not like it and you’ll spend your money in vain. You can try other products that are less moisturizing, but Keratase may not be the best solution.

Overall, Keratase remains one of my favorite conditioners because I don’t know any other conditioner that deeply hydrates and also offers thermal protection against the damage produced by styling tools. I definitely recommend it to anyone with dry hair 🙂

So, let’s sum things up a bit and take a look at the pros and cons of Keratase:


  •  great for very dry hair
  •  one of the best products when it comes to deeply moisturizing the hair
  •  because of the heat activation mechanism, it also offers thermal protection
  •  has a great smell
  •  totally tames frizzy hair


  • too strong for normal hair
  • if your hair isn’t dry, it could weigh it down or make it oily
  • the price is a bit too high

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  1. My wife uses this and her hair looks amazing and always smells incredibly good, hahaha. Your website looks very visually appealing and your content is great. I have no doubt you’ll be helping a lot of people out. Although I definitely agree to include a mens section. So many shampoos out there and trust me, men ARE interested in their hair. Our biggest fear is going bald because we didn’t take good care of our hair :p

  2. Hi! Your website is pretty awesome! I liked how it had pages for what any type of person might be looking for regarding hair! Keep it up, also an idea might be to make a mens section? Just a possibility to open up the door for the other sex even though men might not be searching for it AS MUCH. I actually have though! If you can get your site to rank high, I’m sure you’d get a ton of male visitors as well 🙂 Cheers!

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