Dry Hair Extension Advice – 4 Solutions To Make Your Hair Shine Again


If you’re used to wearing hair extensions, you’ve probably been through the “dry hair” problem at least once. The hair looks really soft at the beginning, but some hours after being in your hair, it gets frizzy and really tangled.

That’s a really frustrating problem, whose answer I’ve been trying to find for a long time, this is why I want to give you some dry hair extension advice, that will solve, at least partially, this huge problem.


Why do hair extensions get dry so easily?

You’ll find this question everywhere, as most people are worried about the cause that makes hair extensions so dry.

The answer is very simple, the extensions don’t have any connection with our scalp, that would hydrate them properly. This is why, while our hair remains soft thanks to the oils from the scalp, the extensions don’t receive these oils, so they get dry because of lack of moisture.


What can we do to prevent them from getting oily?

Dry hair extension adviceI’ve heard a lot of things, like washing them with organic shampoos, applying conditioner, hair mask and so on. The problem is that, even though I was doing all these things, my hair extensions didn’t seem to get any softer, on the contrary, they even looked drier than usual.

So I kept researching and found out that hair extensions need to be hydrated very often, and by this I mean that you have to take big care what products you use on them. Try to style them only with quality tools and to use an appropriate shampoo.

I’ve tried many types of oils and some of them disappointed me really bad, because they didn’t work at all, and other surprised me in the good way, because I didn’t expect such a good result.

So now I will show you what kind of oils I’ve tried, starting right from the beginning. I hope that my experience will help you find the best dry hair extension advice and treatment.

Olive Oil

Dry hair extension adviceIt was the first oil I’ve tried for my hair extensions because I had heard a lot of good things about it, that it moisturizes really dry hair and so on. The result? It disappointed me really really bad… ๐Ÿ™

Not only that it didn’t make the hair softer, but I had to work a bit until I removed all the tangles and it was also very hard to rinse from the hair.

So, honestly, I don’t really recommend using Olive Oil for hair extensions. Maybe it works great for your own hair (for mine it does) but when it comes to hair extensions, it’s kind of useless, especially if your extensions are really dry.


Castor Oil

This was the second oil I’ve tried, and I chose it because I had heard that, as most oils, moisturizes and nourishes hair very well, so it’s perfect for dry hair.

Dry hair extension adviceI wasn’t really interested in the hair growth effect (which is the most famous effect of Castor Oil), but I thought the nourishing proprieties it had would be enough. It was also pretty easy to find and not very expensive, so I said I should really try.

It was one of the things I deeply regret.ย I don’t know when and where I read that Castor Oil could make hair softer and remove the friziness, but in my case it was totally the opposite.

The hair extensions were simply drier than before, even though I couldn’t imagine them drier than that… There was no way I could ever wear them like this, they looked like doll hair and I looked like having some strands that didn’t have anything to do with my own hair.

Horrible, I don’t even want to remember… Anyway, the point is that Castor Oil should be the last thing you apply on your hair extensions, believe me, it will dry them out really bad. ๐Ÿ™


Coconut Oil

Though you’re probably expecting some other critical stuff, this isn’t really the case because I can’t deny the great effect Coconut Oil had on my hair extensions.

Dry hair extension adviceI’ve read all over the Internet that it’s one of the few oils that penetrate the internal part of hair follicles, providing a deep moisturize. Honestly, this sounded quite believable, but after all my experience with hair oils, I didn’t want to make any expectations and get really disappointed again.

The bad thing about Coconut Oil is that you usually buy it solid and you have to melt it manually. Now, this doesn’t sound very bad, but the problem is that, if not kept at a higher temperature, it gets solid again.

And I’ve experienced Coconut Oil getting solid right on my hair extensions. You don’t want to know how that is…

To end the matter, Coconut Oil quite does what it promises, so it’s a great treatment for dry hair extensions. I’ve noticed that the hair remained soft even after several days, not extremely soft, that’s true, but at least it wasn’t frizzy and tangled.

And, after all, that was almost what I was looking for.


Almond Oil

It’s my favorite oil when it comes to preventing hair extensions from getting dry. I can say Almond Oil quite solved this difficult problem and I’m really happy I tried this oil, when I thought it would be totally useless.

I don’t usually apply a very large quantity, but this depends of how dry hair is. I remember at the beginning I added more, and it moisturized the entire hair , so if your extensions are extremely dry, you can apply a bigger quantity.

I guess I don’t have to say how much I love this oil and how addicted I am to it. ๐Ÿ˜€ The good part is that you can find it pretty easy, in organic or beauty shops, and it’s not very expensive either.

After you apply it, I recommend you to let it sit for about half and hour and if you can, blow dry it easily, as this will help it enter the inner part of the hair follicles.

Remember that, from what I’ve seen, Almond Oil is the bestย Dry hair extension advice I could give you, and if it managed to treat my terribly dehydrated hair extensions, it will definitely treat yours too.


To conclude

As I said, I’ve tried many oils to treat my dry hair extensions, and while some were a huge disappointment, other were a miracle. In case you didn’t feel like reading the whole article, you should know that Almond Oil is the best natural treatment for dry hair extensions, and it will definitely manage to moisturize yours too.

Which oil have you tried for you hair extensions? Did it work well? ๐Ÿ˜€

2 thoughts on “Dry Hair Extension Advice – 4 Solutions To Make Your Hair Shine Again

  1. So you leave almond oil on your hair extensions for 30 mins then rinse it out and let you hair hair dry normally?
    I’m worried it will make my extensions really oily?

    • Hi Michelle ๐Ÿ™‚
      You’re right, they will become oily if you only rinse them with water, this is why I usually rinse them with water once and then wash them with conditioner, to remove the excess oil.
      In this way, they won’t get oily at all. Hope this helped ๐Ÿ™‚

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