Dry, frizzy hair

best hair mask dry hairWHAT IT MEANS :  If the broken hairs have different lengths, then your hair BREAKS and NOT falls out from the roots. You may check this yourself, when hairs fall out from the roots, they have a small white point at one of the ends. That small point it’s actually a keratin bulb.  So if your hairs’ lengths are diverse, the keratin bulb should not be present, because the hair is simply breaking, not falling.

THE USUAL CAUSE : Usually, hair breakage is caused by dying, perming and other chemical processes applied to the hair. These chemicals enter inside the hairs’ structure, making it very fragile and more likely to break.

A POTENTIAL MEDICAL CAUSE: There are also several health problems that lead to this type of hair damage, like glands disorders, hypothyroidism or a lower level of calcium and vitamins. But you don’t have to worry, these issues usually include several symptoms,  much more easily to notice.


best hair treatment breakageWHAT TO DO: The most important thing in this case is to reduce the frequency of chemical treatments, it would actually be ideal to quit them. Other things that could, in the worst case, not do any harm are vitamins and calcium supplements.

WHAT I DID : Due to often hair straightening and other things my hair once became fragile and started breaking. The treatment I used were a few hair oils, deeply moisturizing, ideal for dry hair and once a week, a home-made mask with olive/coconut oil, one egg, a spoonful of honey and Vitamins A and E to nourish the hair. I applied the mixture on the hair and I used to keep it for 2 or 3 hours. I think the minimum is one hour, but the more the better,right? 😀

vitamins hair healthRESULTS : As I said, if you have this kind of hair, the reasons could be multiple, but generally, if you reduce straightening and chemical treatments, your hair will gradually start to recover. How fast this happens, it’s up to you. Mine got 70% normal after about 3 months of treatments. It’s not a thing you can do in a week, as you can see, but as far as I’m concerned, I really think 3 months were very little, comparing myself with others who’ve been trying to get their hair recovered for years.

RECOMMENDATIONS: The only things I can recommend are the ones I have actually tried and that had results (because there were many who didn’t,believe me).

I was never the kind of person that believes in expensive, miraculous products, and probably that’s the reason why some things I bought were not as good as they claimed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that most expensive products have that high price because they have good and fast results.But I’m still convinced that there are on the market enough affordable products that do an amazing job, you just have to be consistent in using them.

I would always much rather buy a cheaper hair product and save money for something like a pair of shoes than just buying an expensive hair product that would do its job faster. That’s me, I can’t change that, though lately I’ve been trying to test more expensive products. The result is the one I’ve been expecting, a higher price means a better quality.

But I’ll tell you more about that later. For now, what I want to highlight is that if you have easily breakable hair, you have to start treating it NOW, and it will definitely start to get better day by day 🙂


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