My Review: Hot Tools Supertool 2″ Curling Iron Multi Heat Control


My Review: Hot Tools Supertool 2" Curling Iron Multi Heat ControlHello everyone, I apologize for not posting anything for years! It’s been a very busy period in my life (yeah, I know I also said this last time but…) but I hope I’m through with it! 😀

So in this post I want to tell you about my last acquisition, a pretty cool curling tool called Hot Tools Supertool 2 Curling Iron Multi Heat Control.

I bought this styling tool a few weeks ago because I really needed a curling iron, as my old one (finally :P) got broken. Yeah, I guess it was about time… I’ll write a review about that one too one day, but for now…let’s focus on the Supertool Curling Iron.

Product name: Supertool 2″ Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control

Producer: Hot Tools

Price: $34.78 right now

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Mark: 9.00 /10


Okay, so now I want to tell you exactly what I liked and what I didn’t like about this product, because there are a lot to say, believe me. 😀

Before I start with this, I should mention that I received this tools as a gift, I didn’t buy it for myself (I would have probably chosen something else, but… 😛 ). Anyway, here are the does and don’ts.


  • After about 2 weeks of use (weekly use, not daily) I’m pretty satisfied with how it curls my hair because it doesn’t make it frizzy or dry. I mean that it remains soft even the next days, although I would have expected it to get frizzy the next morning

  • Works pretty good on thick hair too, mine is pretty thick now and this tool still made its job

  • I have the 2″ version, but there are 6 other sizes, according to your hair’s length and thickness, so you don’t have to choose a standard one

  • It has a pretty good temperature range, up to 430 Fahrenheit or 220 Celsius. Plus that it gets hot really really fast, I have to wait about 10 seconds

  • I also like that it’s pretty light. I don’t know about the other versions, but the 2″ one that I have isn’t heavy at all

  • It has a one year warranty, but I don’t think there are serious chances that it gets broken in such a short period

  • I had no idea how much it cost (I said before, I got it as a gift), but I would have said it about…$45. As it has pretty nice qualities. But I was surprised to see it was $10 less, so I guess the price is really good on Amazon. Plus that I noticed it’s the cheapest place for this tool

  • You can buy it even if you’re not from the US, as it can be shipped internationally


  • I absolutely hate the package! To me it looks like a very cheap toy made in China. You’re probably making fun of me right now, but that’s how it seems to me…I would definitely change it if I were the producer

  • From what I know (and I hope I’m not wrong because I don’t want to deceive you) it’s not dual voltage, so it can only be used in America, not in Europe or Australia

  • No automatic shut off button, which can be pretty bad if you tend to forget styling tools on 😛

  • It’s not made of ceramic (which is the best fabric for styling tools, as it protects hair best of all)

That’s basically my general opinion about this curling tool, which is a pretty cool product but of course that is also has enough downsides. Here’s where you can get it from: the first product is the 2″ version that I have, and the other are some of the other 7 ones.

 But if you want even more details about my experience with it, well…here they come! 🙂


So, let’s get to the real review

Like I said in the beginning, I got this Supertool Curling Iron as a gift from a friend who knew I was about to get another curling tool. I can’t say it was a huge “luck”, as I would have probably bought a more professional one myself, but…this one is a gift so I’m pretty satisfied with it.

Just to make things clear, this friend of mine doesn’t know about my blog, that’s why I allowed myself to tell my “honest” opinion about the curling too I got. 😛

Anyway, now I want to give you a bit more details about what this tool offers and whether it would be suitable for your hair or not. Stay tuned! 😀


The most important question: Does it make good curls or not?

Yeah, it does!

I was surprised of this myself, as this product isn’t the best I’ve tried in my life, and because of its pretty big number of downsides I didn’t really consider it quite a “must try”.

But asking myself if “Does it make good curls?”, the answer is absolutely yes!

Just take a look at this picture.

It’s true that I have naturally curly hair so it always remains curly after using any curler in the world, but it generally gets frizzy the next morning… And the curls don’t remain as fixed and as good looking when I wake up the following day.

But with this curler, it seems like my problem disappeared completely!

My hair doesn’t get frizzy in the morning, and the curls’ pattern remains pretty much the same. So it’s not like I have to re-curl my hair every day, it stays in good shape until I wash it.

Believe me that I wouldn’t praise it if I haven’t had any reason, it’s not my favorite tool at all, but… when it comes to the curls it makes, I can only praise it.


What size should I get?

I told you before that there are 7 options available, based on the tools’ size: 1″, 1 1/2″, 1-1/4″, 1/2″, 2″ (the one I have), 3/8″ and 5/8″.

Now what is the difference between these 7 sizes?

It’s about which would be best for your hair. The sizes are made according to hair length and thickness.

The smaller dimensions this tool has, the more proper it is for shorter hair. To make it easier to understand, if you have short hair (like shoulder- length), I guess the 1″ is the best choice for you.  On the other hand, if you have thick, long hair, the 2″ is probably what you need.

That’s kind of the mechanism. And from what I know, you can also message Amazon before buying it and ask them what size they would recommend. Yeah, I know that Amazon staff’s strong point isn’t probably hair issues, but you can try. 😉


Gets heated up really fast…

My Review: Hot Tools Supertool 2" Curling Iron Multi Heat ControlYeah, here I have to admit that I was extremely impressed by this tool, especially because it’s not a flat iron…I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a flat iron that gets hot in 10 seconds, but with curling tools it’s different.

So I have to praise it for this.

The temperature range is also more than you actually need, I mean no girl would curl her hair at 430 F, isn’t it so? Well, at least I wouldn’t and I don’t know anyone who would…

So it’s important to know that the temperature range is between 280-430 F, which is about 140-220 C. These temperatures perfect for anyone, no matter how loose or not loose you want your curls to be.


…but I wish it was made of ceramic 🙁

That’s probably the biggest complaint I have about this curler, besides the package of course. 😀

My Review: Hot Tools Supertool 2" Curling Iron Multi Heat ControlNow, using styling tools on your hair isn’t good at all, you probably know this because everyone says it. And it’s true. We sometimes have a great alternative because there are more and more ceramic tools, that offer a pretty good protection so the hair doesn’t get very damaged.

But tools that don’t have ceramic protection will, at one point, damage your hair. That’s available if they’re used regularly, not just from time to time. And they will damage it even if you use protection sprays or stuff like that, because…that’s how it is. 🙁

That’s why I really wish this curler was made of ceramic.

It’s true that it’s still a curler and it won’t damage your hair as much as a straightener, but even so, this damage could be avoided…

Anyway, all I can recommend you is not to use it daily. Try to use it at most every 2-3 days, even less often if it’s possible. In this way you won’t damage you hair too much and too fast.


My final opinion

I guess I have to conclude my review now, in order to give you a proper idea whether this tool is worth buying or not.

My Review: Hot Tools Supertool 2" Curling Iron Multi Heat ControlWell…If I have to be honest, I guess it is worth buying.

The curls it makes are really nice and resistant (at least for me 🙂 ), it has a wide range of sizes and temperatures, and last but not least, a very good price.

But keep in mind that you shouldn’t use it daily, as it’s not made of a ceramic fabric, so it could at one point harm your hair. Anyway, once you use it 2-3 times per week you shouldn’t worry too much. 🙂

As for me, I’ll continue to use it weekly and in case I notice any split ends, I will update my review. For now, I’m pretty satisfied with it and I do consider it to be a good curling iron, but by far not the best.

Just a pretty good item for a lower budget. 😀


So what do you think about the Hot Tools Supertool 2″ Curling Iron Multi Heat Control? Have you ever tried it? Or would you be tempted to?

Let me know your answer in the comments below.

Ashley 😀

John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush Review


Hey there, I’m glad to be back with a new article, this time with a review of this revolutionary John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush, a great styling tool which I only discovered recently, partly by chance.


Why do I like it?

John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush ReviewBecause it’s one of the styling tools that you can use without being noticed; it’s like people don’t know you’ve curled or straightened your hair, they just think that’s how it looks natural. And a styling tool that manages to do this is really awesome for me.

It’s also a very “healthy” tool, and by this I mean that it doesn’t your hair too much. It’s not like you’re using a flat iron or even a real curler, this John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush actually manages to style your hair without too much effort… and heat. 😛

I also love that it’s extremely easy to use, you don’t have to be a hair expert to style your hair beautifully. I say this because I’ve seen some automatic hair curlers which seems to be working so complicated, I mean you probably have to style your hair with it a lot in order to get familiar with the procedure and do it easily. But with this one it’s sooo easy.


Now that you’ve heard the main things I like about this John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush, let me tell you some general things about it and what is the best place where you can find it.



Price: $25.39

Cheapest place to buy: AMAZON

Mark: 9.75 /10

Before I go any further with a more detailed review, let me sum up what I liked and what I didn’t like about this air brush.


  • Styles in a great manner, giving you the possibility to go for curls, straighter hair or just hair with more volume than usual
  • Thanks to its advanced ionic technology, protects your hair up to 50% more than average hair styling tools
  • Besides the ionic technology, it also has a Titanium ceramic coated barrel, which has a protection role too
  • I’ve been using it for several months, and I haven’t noticed my hair being even little damaged by it, so I consider it a very safe tool (of course, you have to take care of your hair and condition it at least once a week)
  • Price is more than great, $25 seems so little for such a useful styling tool
  • It doesn’t make hair frizzy, which really surprised me
  • Also works great for women with straight hair, because it makes their hair look bouncy and slightly curly, so it seems fuller and with more volume
  • I don’t have any tangling problems while I use it, because it doesn’t rotate so there are no chances that you experience tangling hair because of it


  • The biggest downside is that it can’t be used outside America, because of some power issues
  • It doesn’t ship outside the U.S.
  • It doesn’t work very fast, so you need some time to style all your hair, especially if it’s wet
  • They won’t ship it for free, unless you order over $49

So all in all, to me it seems that the advantages are much above the downsides, so I say it’s a really worth having product for hair styling. However, let me give you more details about it in the paragraphs below. 😀

Click here to see John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush on Amazon


Amazing tool for all types of hair, including very straight one

The most important thing that everybody wants to know about a styling tool is “How does it style?”, am I right?

Well, fortunately my answer will be a very favorable one, because this John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush remains one of my favorite styling tools, and one of the reasons is exactly this one: it manages to style and arrange any type of hair, even the very straight, fine one.

I’ve been trying to style the hair of many of my friends, and some of them have silky, very straight hair. Guess what? The result was great, their hair looked much fuller and it had a lot of volume, they looked totally changed.

So yeah, it makes miracles even for hair that is so hard to style. Not to mention curly hair, that styles much easier.

The great thing when it comes to styling curly hair with this tool is that it prevents hair from getting frizzy, which most tools don’t do, so I have a great reason to love it. I think that’s because of the advanced ionic technology, that helps hair accept the styling easier and not getting frizzy. That’s why I really recommend this technology.


No damage, really?

I know you may find it a little strange, but I haven’t see any damaged or split ends since I’ve been using this styling tools. I use it at least 3 times a week, on wet hair, and it didn’t harm it at all. On the contrary, it only looks much more soft and hydrated, in comparison to how it looked before. This could be a result of the styling, but I’m not sure yet.

John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush ReviewAnyway, the ionic technology and the Titanic ceramic coated barrel do their job and offer protection from the heat, so maybe that’s the main explanation for the surprising no damage.

But hair tends to damage even if you don’t style it, so that’s why it’s important to care it properly, using conditioner every time you wash it, applying a nutritive hair mask occasionally, and making sure you add a protection spray before you style it.

If you follow this routine, you have very high chances of maintaining your hair healthy, even if you style if weekly. I plan to write a special article about this topic, how to care your hair properly, so make sure you follow my blog and read it, because it will be a very useful piece.


No rotations so no tangles

John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush ReviewA particularity of this brush is that it doesn’t style hair in the same way as all the others do. In other words, it doesn’t fit in the “classic air brushes” category.

The biggest advantage here is that it doesn’t twist or rotate in order to curl hair, it just uses the heat to make it bouncy and curly. If there are no rotations, obviously you won’t have so high chances to get tangles, which are a very common problem of air brushes.

But with this John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush, this thing won’t happen. So if you need a brush that won’t tangle your hair while styling it, you really have to take a look at this one. 😉


But how much time do you need to style your hair with it?

Now here comes the biggest problem. Everything is great about this brush, it has a great, healthy styling method, it’s not expensive, it doesn’t destroy your hair BUT… it takes a lot to style all of your hair. 🙁

Of course, this depends on how thick your hair is, because if you have fine, thin hair then you probably won’t have too much work to do. But if your hair is thicker, then it might take a lot of time.

Why? Because if you want to get bouncy, casual curls, with no frizzy hairs, you have to make sure each strand is properly styled, and this will probably take around 2-3 minutes. I know it doesn’t sound too much, but think that you have to do this 15 times…It will take you around 30 minutes to finish, and that in the best case.

However, it depends on your time, so if you’re not in a hurry or you’re not very busy, this won’t seem like a long time. And keep in mind that these bouncy curls usually last for about 2-3 days, so you won’t have to do it daily. What do you think, is it worth it?

As a conclusion, is it worth buying this styling tool?

To give you my honest answer, YES, it is totally worth it. It’s not one of those tools that you buy, you use for a few times and then you get bored of it and forget it in a place out of your sight.

No, I’ve been actually using this tool every since I bought it, and believe me that I have a lot of styling tools that I bought and I don’t use. So it’s not really like the others.

I’ve bought mine from Amazon, because it’s the cheapest price I’ve found online, and I haven’t found it in any shops from my area. So I really recommend you to buy it from there too, I’ll put the link below, it’s just $25.39 so I can say it’s a real bargain. I bet you’ll really love it.

Click here to see John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush on Amazon


I really hope that my John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush Review was useful to you and that you found the information you were looking for, in order to make a decision.

What do you think, would you buy this John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush? Do you think it would be useful to you? 😀