Vigo Hair Extensions Review

I ย first heard about Vigo Luxury Hair one year ago, by random. I saw a picture of someone on a social network, where she was thanking Vigo Luxury Hair for the “amazingly high-quality extensions” they sent her. I was a bit surprised because I hadn’t heard about them before, though I was quite familiar with the most important hair extension brands.

I was really curious, so I entered their site. In this way I found out that they were a “pretty new” hair company, established in 2010, in comparison to other ย “big bosses” who’ve been in the scene for many years.

vigo hair extensions

Therefore, if they wanted to compete with these, they had to offer good quality hair, else they had no chance. I didn’t really need another hair extensions set in that period, so I didn’t really look close at their website, I closed it and didn’t get back to it for a long time.

Until one day when, interested in finding a new hair extensions provider, I remembered about the photo I have seen. I knew the girl, so I looked at the photo once again. The hair looked nice, thick and seemed pretty high-quality. I told myself I had to give it a try.

So I ordered from them. In case I didn’t tell you (and I don’t think I have), Vigo Luxury Hair is a British company, so the shipping is free in England, but you have to pay for it if you live in another part of the world. As I live in Europe, I preferred to buy from a European company than from an American one, because the shipping is much less in the first case.

It wasn’t that less actually (almost $20!!!) but I couldn’t blame the company, the price would probably be quite similar for everything sent from England to the continent.

Anyway, I received the package after less than a week (they said 4-7 working days, so it was all right) and immediately opened it! At first sight, the hair looked pretty good, the ends weren’t very thin (probably the most common problem when receiving new hair extensions is that many times you have to cut a few inches because the ends are very very thin), they were indeed curly, the way I ordered them, so everything seemed all right. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about taking them a picture so you can see how they looked unopened, but I’ve found one on their website, so here it is:

clip in hair extensionsThe set I ordered was the Premium one (120 g or 8 clips) and I found it quite enough for my hair. If I looked at my back in a mirror, the hair was pretty thick, there weren’t empty spaces between strands (that’s my criteria when it comes to thickness ๐Ÿ˜€ ), so the quantity was enough.

The color I chose was number 2, Darkest Brown, and I was a bit afraid that it wouldn’t match my hair very well because I intended to get a lighter color. But it actually did! I was delighted ๐Ÿ˜€

So…Until now, only good things. The quality was great, the color was the one I needed, the hair type matched my curls and the length… the length was exactly the one I ordered, 20 inches.

Now here comes the first downside of Vigo Hair. Their extensions are great, but… you can only choose a certain length. Which is a huge disadvantage! The length depends of the hair’s quantity, so they offer you three possibilities: 100 g at 18 inches, 120 g at 20 inches and 160 g at 20 inches. I was lucky enough to want to buy 20 inches hair extensions, but what if I wanted to buy 16 inches? What then, I couldn’t buy? I guess so…

The price was also quite good (probably the most important reason why I chose this brand), one of the best when it comes to British hair brands. I only paid 45 pounds for my set, which is about $68. I didn’t find any cheaper site, so I was quite pleased with the price.

They had some sales about two weeks after my purchase, so I was very disappointed I didn’t wait any longer, but how could I know? ๐Ÿ™ However, the amount wasn’t very big, around $15, but still it was something.

Anyway, I let this go and I enjoyed my new hair extensions. As I was already accustomed, no one noticed it wasn’t my real hair, so I was satisfied with them. This was the real test, actually! ๐Ÿ˜€

I almost forgot to tell you that the ones I bought were Remy hair extensions, which means that the hair was dyed and treated before being sold. You can also buy Virgin hair extensions (Brazilian, Peruvian, etc. ), whose hair wasn’t treated nor dyed, it’s simply natural hair. The prices for Virgine hair are definitely bigger though, but not way bigger, so they’re pretty affordable.

So, after all this extremely long story, it’s time to summarize things a bit, in case you didn’t feel like reading all this yarn ๐Ÿ˜€

Why I would choose Vigo Hair Extensions again

  • great hair quality, and they give you the possibility to choose the quantity
  • they also offer some curly (body wave) extensions, not just straight
  • the hair color variety is pretty wide
  • in case you don’t know what color to choose, they will help you
  • the prices are very good
  • I’ve entered their site today and I’ve noticed that they offer you a code with 20% discount
  • you can buy from them even if you don’t live in UK or Europe, they ship packages everywhere
  • if you live in UK you have free shipping
  • they also offer Virgin hair, wigs and hair accessories (in case you’re interested)

Why I wouldn’t choose Vigo Hair Extensions again

  • you can’t choose from many lengths of hair
  • shipping costs a bit abroad (but that’s available for any other brand)
  • if you want to buy curly hair extensions, you only have two options to choose from

Overall, I quite liked Vigo Hair Extensions and would buy from them again if I needed cheap, high quality hair extensions. I really hope that my review was helpful if you’re considering buying from Vigo Hair, because you know better than me what you want and how much you’re willing to pay. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you want to see more details about their products and promotions, you can .

Have you ever tried anything from this company?


Best hair extensions brands

When I decided to buy clip-in hair extensions for the first time, I started researching on the Internet which are the absolutely best hair extensions brands and also, the ones that offered pretty cheap hair extensions.

I did this because I didn’t wanna buy any product, I wanted to choose something that would suit me and something that I could use. I definitely recommend you to do the same, don’t stop at the first hair extensions site you see, because you may end up choosing something that isn’t exactly what you wanted!

I am not here to advertise for any company, I have definitely not tested every company from the market, but I have tested some, and before choosing one in favor of the other, I’ve searched and asked for opinions of different customers, read reviews and ever looked for photos on the Internet.

My goal was finding the brands who offered the best quality of hair extensions at the best price, with the smallest shipping taxes. The truth is that I couldn’t find a single one who could offer all these, but I found several that approached these requests I had.

Best hair extensions brands

But it is well known that we all have different needs and desires, so what is “great” to me may not be even “interesting” to you. Therefore, the only thing I can do is to present you the hair extensions brands I have tried, along with a review and the advantages and the downsides of them. I’m not requesting you to buy from those companies, I only want to offer you a source of information that you may not find on the Internet, and that you may need if you think about buying hair extensions from a certain company ๐Ÿ™‚

These are the hair extension brands I have tried so far. You can click on each in order to see my review and my recommendations.

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