Best shampoo for hair growth

best shampoo for hair growthGrowing out your hair is definitely something you’ve wanted at least once in your life, but this process seems usually endless. However, there is a thing you may do in order to increase the hair growth speed, and that is starting to use special shampoos, designed particularly for this purpose. In this way, you can get a longer hair up to three times faster. So, I guess now you’re really curious to find out which is the best shampoo for hair growth.



HAIR SURGE STIMULATING SHAMPOO from Ultrax Laboratories ($43.99)

Hair Surge

This is probably the best hair growth shampoo I have ever tried.

What really impressed me about this shampoo is that the hair grows extremely fast, you can see new hairs after less than two weeks after the first use. To be honest, I haven’t seen any other product that would make my hair grow so fast. Now don’t imagine that I’m one of those lucky persons whose hair grows 3 inches in a month, on the contrary.

Caffeine, Saw Palmetto and the small dose of Ketoconazole, all promise to support hair growth and also to prevent or treat hair loss.

As you probably realized, I’m a huge fan of this shampoo, but I will try to summarize this review, so that you can see the things very clear 😀


  • makes hair grow very fast, faster than any other product I’ve tried (I’ve seen baby hairs after 2 weeks)
  • treats the damaged hair while helping it grow
  • the Saw Palmetto stops the hair loss caused by hormonal derangements, and prevents the hormones from damaging the hair
  • the Ketoconazole thickens the hair, while the Caffeine stimulates the hair follicles
  • works great for both men and women
  • can speed up the hair growth process at least two time
  • has a great lemon scent
  • in order to see even faster results, you can combine it with other hair treatments


  • best results appear when you use it 5 times a week, so you have to wash your hair 5 times a week, too often for some people
  • the price is probably pretty high

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GROW NEW HAIR from JustNatural ($49.99)

JustNatural shampoo

This amazing natural shampoo promises to treat all the possible causes of hair loss and thinning hair, but also to stimulate hair growth thanks to the Castor Seed Oil and Basil Essential Oil.

It not only helps hair grow, it also deeply hydrates it and makes it shiny, because of the Rice Protein.

When it comes to hair growth, I was able to see the results after about a month after the first use, so I would estimate the hair growth speed around two times higher than normal while using it.

Though the price is pretty high, the quantity is 16 oz so it lasts for a couple of months. As far as I’m concerned, I think it’s rather a good investment.


  • speeds up the hair growth up to 1.5 inches/month (in my case)
  • the results are visible after a pretty short time, around a month after the beginning of the treatment
  • treats unhealthy hair in a very short time
  • stops hair loss from the first weeks of use
  • can be used with other treatments for faster hair growth, JustNatural actually have a list of recommendations


  • packed in a jar, which could be harder to use than a normal bottle
  • the scent isn’t very strong, so you have to use something else if you want your hair to smell good
  • the quantity lasts a few months, so you could get bored of using the same shampoo

See this product on JustNatural website


FAST 2 PACK SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER from Nisim International ($34.95)

Nisim shampoo

Nisim’s famous shampoo comes now together with the conditioner, as the company says they work much better if used together.

This great product shows very fast results when it comes to hair growth, I actually noticed some baby hairs even after less than a month of use. My hair also seemed thicker than before, so I guess the shampoo is still responsible 😀

I didn’t use the conditioner, but I suppose the effect is much faster and stronger using them together than using only the shampoo, as I did. I mean, if my hair started growing a lot after three weeks of using just the shampoo, I believe it could have grown even faster if I also used the conditioner.


  • hair growth speed is great, in my case it was more than 1.5 inches/month
  • you also get the conditioner together with the shampoo
  • hair also becomes thicker, not only longer
  • it only has organic ingredients
  • price is more than great


  • works great for healthy hair, but on damaged hair doesn’t have the same speed
  • it doesn’t treat or prevent hair loss
  • you also get a dry brush if you order in this period

See this product on the official website


These are the best shampoos for great hair that I’ve used, and that I can sincerely recommend. If you want more details about any of them, you can write me and I will be very happy to help you.

What good shampoos that boost hair growth have you tried?

Before I finish this post, I want to apologize for not posting much this week, I really didn’t manage, but I promise it won’t happen again too soon. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Best shampoo for hair growth

  1. Hi Ashley, I enjoyed this article very much – glad to know that there are many shampoo options out there that help with promoting hair growth. I prefer the natural range ones as I tend to avoid using anything with sulfate and parabens in them. I may just get the JustNatural hair growth shampoo as it sounds like an effective product. Thanks for helping us with the pros and cons. I will certainly check out your other articles about hair!

    • Hey Lily, I totally agree with you!

      And I tell you from my own experience that there’s a huge difference between organic hair products and regular ones. I mean, there’s a big difference in how the hair looks! 😀

      This shampoo from JustNatural was the ones that made my hair grow up faster than anything else, so that’s why I consider it the best shampoo for hair growth. It may not be so in all cases, but i’m pretty sure 95% of the people who tried it can say this about it. I even read a lot of reviews, and everyone had only praises about it.

      So I believe it’s worth trying, at least I totally recommend it. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. you know that ,you have seen how your beloved hair is damaged, you surely want to take a good care of it in order to keep the goodness of your hair. Belive us, when we say this that nothing takes care of your hair better than a renowned shampoo brand regarded to be best shampoo for hair growth.

  3. Wow, your website is great and your theme fits your niche very well. I also love to research about which shampoo’s are best for hair growth as my family member suffer from loss of hair quite a lot. I wanted to know if any of the products reviewed in your article are organic?

  4. How cool is that, that you can make your hair grow faster, I had no idea! I wish I had seen this years ago when I had a really bad haircut that was too short and it took me about 3 years before I could live with it again.

    This might give me the courage to go a bit shorter again next time, if I know there is a get out.
    Do they REALLY work?!

    • Hi, haha I’m sorry I didn’t write about it earlier 😀

      They worked for me, I can definitely guarantee that, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t work for someone else too. The only condition is having healthy hair, because damaged hair grows slower so you may not be impressed by this types of shampoo in this case 🙂 But if your hair is healthy, then I say you should go for it.

  5. Hi, thank you for sharing these reviews… Great info 😉
    I’ve always had a problem with hair loss and my hair is very thin… I’ve tried some shampoons, condicioners, other cosmetic products for hair loss, also many vitamins and supplements, but nothing really helped… When I changed my diet and managed stress a bit, it improved and it’s actually not so bad…

    Anyway I think that some cosmetic products can help improve quality of hair and I really like the natural shampoo… I consider buying it 🙂

    Thank you 😉

    All the best,

    • Hey, thank you 🙂 In my case stress is also a very harmful factor, and the thing is that it’s pretty hard to reduce it. I mean, it’s not totally up to you.

      I like natural shampoo too, I guess they are way better than products which have a lot of chemicals in them.

      So I hope these products will help you 🙂

  6. First off i really like your article. I really like how you put pros and cons with every product along with pictures, so everyone can see clearly how the product looks like. I’ve never known that there were shampoos designed especially for hair growth, but that’s a great info. I might try in the future, so I now know where to look for 🙂

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