Best hair extensions brands

When I decided to buy clip-in hair extensions for the first time, I started researching on the Internet which are the absolutely best hair extensions brands and also, the ones that offered pretty cheap hair extensions.

I did this because I didn’t wanna buy any product, I wanted to choose something that would suit me and something that I could use. I definitely recommend you to do the same, don’t stop at the first hair extensions site you see, because you may end up choosing something that isn’t exactly what you wanted!

I am not here to advertise for any company, I have definitely not tested every company from the market, but I have tested some, and before choosing one in favor of the other, I’ve searched and asked for opinions of different customers, read reviews and ever looked for photos on the Internet.

My goal was finding the brands who offered the best quality of hair extensions at the best price, with the smallest shipping taxes. The truth is that I couldn’t find a single one who could offer all these, but I found several that approached these requests I had.

Best hair extensions brands

But it is well known that we all have different needs and desires, so what is “great” to me may not be even “interesting” to you. Therefore, the only thing I can do is to present you the hair extensions brands I have tried, along with a review and the advantages and the downsides of them. I’m not requesting you to buy from those companies, I only want to offer you a source of information that you may not find on the Internet, and that you may need if you think about buying hair extensions from a certain company 🙂

These are the hair extension brands I have tried so far. You can click on each in order to see my review and my recommendations.

Vigo Luxury Hair Extensions

Hair Extension Sale



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