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My Review: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron


Hey everyone! Today I want to review the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron, because it was the one the questions I was asked most this year.

Many of you (my readers) heard that there are a lot of fake Babyliss styling tools on the market, and some are even sold out by Amazon (probably without knowing). I checked the Internet and I saw a lot of reviews talking about this, but none of them were on a beauty blog or a serious website.

So the only thing I can do is tell you about my experience with this Babyliss tool, because I’ve owned it a few years ago (and I also bought it from Amazon :P). It did not disappoint me, but it didn’t delight me either. But there’s more below. 🙂

So let’s get to the review

Product name: Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

Producer: BaByliss

Price: $121.99 right now

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Mark: 8.90 /10


Before I start…here are some PROs and CONs

What I liked about it

  • It leaves the hair very smooth and without frizzy hairs (even curly hair like mine)
  • It heats up in less than 30 seconds, from what I saw
  • Probably the fastes flat iron when it comes to straightening each strand of hair
  • It’s really light and easy to work with

What I didn’t like about it

  • The price is very high, in my opinion too high for what it offers
  • It doesn’t protect the hair as well as it should, considering the price
  • There are a lot of bad reviews online, because it’s pretty easy to replace it with a fake tool


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My straightener was real, I think

So I bought this straightener around 6-7 years ago because I had heard Babyliss was the best flat irons brand on the market (back then). It was actually one of the first straighteners I had at that time.

Now, I can’t say I knew so much about styling tools and stuff as I know today, but I noticed that Babyliss’s straightener kept my hair in much better shape and for much longer time than the other tools I had.

I remember there was a big difference between how my hair looked after Babyliss flat iron (really straight and not frizzy at all) and after another straightener. Don’t imagine the other straighteners I had were very professional, they were the equivalent of around $25-$30 now. But my hair was pretty curly back then too, so it wasn’t extremely easy to keep it straight.

That’s why I believe the straightener I had then was real. I told you I was no big specialist at that point, but the Babyliss tool didn’t harm my hair too much, so it can’t have been fake.

I was using it pretty often, and as I know my hair right now, I’m sure it would have gotten damaged easily by a low-quality iron. I bought my Babyliss from Amazon, so I don’t know about the other ones they were (and still are) selling, but they sent me a real one…


Amazon still sells real Babyliss tools

My friend Mellissa ordered one of these straighteners a few weeks ago and she was pleasantly suprised to see that hers seemed real. I also saw the flat iron and I tried it on my hair, and guess what? The effect was exactly the one from many years ago: the part of my hair that I straightened was very smooth, without any frizzy strands.

So that’s why I’m sure Mellissa’s iron is not a fake. But she got it from Amazon, right from the link I added above. Therefore, there are still original irons sold my Amazon, not all of them are fake.

My Review: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron - Is It Really Worth All Those Money?

The photo from the left shows my friend’s hair regularly, and the right one shows her hair strightened with Babyliss flat iron. Big difference, huh? 😉

Plus, this iron had a 4 year warranty, so you can contact Amazon immediately if it’s not what it should be. That’s what I would do and what I also recommend you to do if you buy it.

The conclusion? There may be a lot of fake Babyliss flat irons sold on Amazon, but if the one you receive doesn’t seem real, just contact Amazon and they will refund you. So you don’t lose anything trying, as long as you want a Babyliss straightener. I like the tool, but it’s definitely not my favorite ever… and I will tell you right below why.


Now some real facts about the real Babyliss straightener

Okay, so assuming you’re considering this Babyliss tool just because of the brand, let me tell you something – it’s not as good as you might have thought. Babyliss is definitely one of the most famous companies when it comes to styling tools, but in my opinion it’s not what it once was.

My Review: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening IronFor example, this flat iron. Yes, it’s true that it straightens the hair very nicely, without frizzy strands and without damaging it very much, but…it also costs a lot. And it’s not necessaily a professional tool.

Yes, I agree that it also lasts for many years and it straightens the hair pretty fast (compared to other tools), but to me the price still seems a bit too much for what it offers. If they said it had heat protection or that it was for professional use, maybe I would have thought the price more appropriate to the reality.

To tell you the truth, this straightener isn’t so good when it comes to heat protection, and I noticed it on my hair and on my friend Mellissa’s hair. It definitely does not damage the hair as a $30 flat iron, but it doesn’t protect it too much either. When it comes to this, I would say it’s the equivalent of a $75 straightener. So definitely not a $120 one.

Regarding the speed they praise so much, the tool heats up very easily, in less than 30 seconds I would say. It also straightens the hair very fastly, probably the fastest of all straighteners I’ve used, I admit it. But speed isn’t something so important for me personally. Maybe it would be, if I was a stylist but as I’m not, heat protection is much more important. And from that point of view, this tool isn’t the best.

If you want flat irons that will protect your hair as much as possible, I made a list of the best ones here. If you use these tools with an appropriate conditioner, a milder and natural shampoo and a nourishment treatment you have very high chances to damage your hair under 2-3%. So I guess it’s a much better option, considering that the costs are also lower. 😉


So Would I Buy It?

To tell you honestly, no I wouldn’t. To me, the price seems way to high for what it offers…

I can’t deny that it’s a very good flat iron, it’s probably the fastest straightener I’ve seen and it leaves the hair very soft and smooth, but it has enough donwsides. And the extremely high price is probably the biggest, along with the pretty low heat protection (for its quality).

So I definitely prefer a more professional straightener that protects the hair much better, and it also costs $20 less. I’m talking about the Isa Professional Flat Iron, at this point my favorite of all the ones I tried. 😀

So that’s my final verdict about this BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron. It’s not worth all these money. I would probably pay $100 (at most) for it, but it’s not worth anything above this amount, in my opinion.


But I’m curious to hear what you believe about this tool. If you tried it, do you think it’s worth this price? If you haven’t tried it, would you?

Let me know your answers. Ashley 😀

My Airy Hair Extensions Review – Too Cheap To Be True?


Hey everyone, today I want to review the Airy Hair Extensions because it was the first time I ever ordered from them and I was really curious to see if all the bad reviews I read online were actually real.

If you came across Airy Hair, you probably saw that they are a hair company that sells really cheap extensions, compared to most of the other companies. And cheaper usually means lower quality, right? At least in the online era.

Well, I read a lot of bad opinions about Airy Hair on different blogs, and I ever had 2 or 3 of my readers asking me about this company. And because I always think there must be a good side in everything, I said I should give these extensions a try.

Not because I really needed them, but because the sake of me readers who needed an objective opinion. Plus that they wouldn’t cost a fortune, so I could afford that. 😛

So guys, here’s my Airy Hair Extensions review. I hope you’ll enjoy it. 😀


Let’s Start With The Pros And Cons

What I liked about them

  • Cheaper than 90% of the other extensions from the market
  • The quality was incredibly good, I mean the 120 g set that I bought was really thick, from the roots to the ends (without any split ends or something)
  • The hair doesn’t get frizzy after washing
  • You can choose from a lot of colors and most importantly, a lot of hair textures (including kinky)
  • I’m pretty sure the hair is human, otherwise it wouldn’t behave so well after wash
  • They ship any set for free anywhere in the world
  • You have a 30 days period in which you can change them or ask for a refund if you don’t like the extensions (I can’t guarantee this is true, but that’s what they say on their site 😛 )
  • They offered me a 10% off coupon, so you can use it too: enter “SUNNY” before checkout

What I didn’t like about them

  • If you choose regular shipping, they won’t arrived faster than one week
  • I couldn’t find a lot of reviews which I could believe on their site; all of them were 5 stars, so I was pretty much assuming they only let positive reviews and deleted the bad ones (but I can’t be sure)




The Range Of Colors And Hair Textures Is Impressively Wide

After browsing around their website, I decided to get some clip-in hair extensions, because I was pretty pleased with the length of my hair (I just wanted volume) and I didn’t want to make a big change. So no extensions applied in salon for now. 😀

I have pretty curly hair, but this time I chose some straight extensions because the quality and the condition of the hair is much better visible when it’s straight, that’s what it seems to me. And that’s what I wanted to see, so I picked the straight ones. Plus that I wanted to pratice making them curly. 😉

Anyway, long story short, I ordered a Remy 22″ set of 120 g, with 10 pieces in total. 10 pieces are usually too much for my hair, but I like to choose a bigger set to change the pieces once the ends get a bit damaged. 120 g sets aren’t extremely thick, but I would say they’re over medium, so I would recommend them for a thick hair (but not very thick, if you get what I mean :P).

My Airy Hair Extensions Review – Too Cheap To Be True?

The color I chose was #2, which is a dark brown and the texture was straight. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have 6 different textures of hair, and almost any color available for every texture (normal hair colors I mean, not green :P).

I didn’t request any faster shipping, because the standard one was supposed to come in 6 working days, so that seemed pretty decent. The shipping was free wordwide, so I didn’t pay anything for it. Total price: $55.90 😀


The Hair Was Much Thicker Than I Expected

My Airy Hair Extensions Review – Too Cheap To Be True?I received the extensions in one week, which was really fine because I was afraid I would get them after at least 2 weeks. So everything was fine until this.

When I opened the package, I was surprised to see the hair was really thick, much thicker I would have thought a 120 g set would be. You can see the photo, they are definitely not light at all. I even measured them, and they were exactly 22″. So I had a pleasant surprise from this point of view (you probably know that some companies send extensions 1-2 inches shorter than the official length).

One other thing that I absolutely loved was that the ends were as thick as the rest of the hair, so they hadn’t been cut through (as it happens in many cases). This really made me adore these extensions.

Regarding the color, it matched my hair perfectly, but I was kind of expecting that because #2 is exactly the shade of my hair, so it always matches the extensions. The clips are also pretty small, and the upper part isn’t too thick. This is important for me because I don’t like people to feel I’m wearing extensions when they touch my hair, and if the upper part is really thick, it’s obvious… (this usually happens in sets over 180 g).

So all in all, I was thrilled about this set from Airy Hair. At least when it comes to quality.


Washing The Hair Didn’t Change Anything

If you are familiar with wearing hair extensions, you probably know the fear you get when you wash them for the first time. I’ve had extensions that looked great and never got any tangles, but when I decided it was time to wash them, they got really dry and frizzy, completely different than they were before.

And this usually happened with sets cheaper than usual, so…

However, fortunately here it wasn’t the case. 😀 I used the regular Unite 2 Seconds conditioner that I always use, (without shampoo because it may dry the extensions), and after letting it dry naturally, the hair got just as smooth and silky as before. So misson accomplished successfully! 😀

PS: If the hair extensions are greasy or dirty and you really need shampoo, try to use one made of as many natural ingredients as possible. I usually wash them with Ryeo shampoos.


The Future Sounds Promising 😀

So I’ve only had these hair extensions for about a month, and I tried to wore them more than I would normally, just to be able to make a close-to-reality opinion about them. See how much I’m doing for you? 😛

My Airy Hair Extensions Review – Too Cheap To Be True?Joking apart, the extensions are as comfortable as others, I mean the clips don’t come off (if you clip them well, of course), they don’t itch or anything like this and they behave just like regular hair clips. And the hair itself, well…it didn’t change much in the first month.

I washed it 2 times in total (just with conditioner) and let it dry naturally and it was totally fine, the hair looked just like new. I didn’t use any special treatment because the ends weren’t dry, so it wasn’t really the case. But if you wear extensions daily, you may want to apply some special oil once a month, even if they are still in good shape.

Anyway, I’m pretty much expecting these extensions to last in perfect shape for at least 6 months, and in good shape for maybe a year and a half. I say this because I’ve tried so many hair extensions that I kind of know what I’m dealing with after a few weeks. And these ones are from that category that last more than one year, so this is a long lifetime in extensions terms. 😉


So, Do I Recommend Them?

I totally do. And I don’t say this necessarily because of the quality, because they don’t have the best quality I’ve ever seen in hair extensions. They have the quality I’ve seen in expensive extensions, and by this I mean in extensions over $200. So considering I paid $55 for them, I think I made a great deal.

Therefore, I do recommend Airy Hair Extensions. I didn’t know anything about them before so I couldn’t have an opinion, but now that I tried them I really advise you to try them too. You save a lot of money, that’s the main reason. Otherwise you could simply buy from Head Kandy and get “brand” extensions, but pay hundreds for them.

So I think Airy Hair is a much better solution, plus that they will refund you in the first 30 days if you don’t like them. I can’t guarantee about this because I didn’t try it, but I guess it’s true if it’s written on their site, right?

By the way, they offered me a 10% off coupon because I ordered from them, so I want to let you take advantage of it too. Enter “SUNNY” before completing your order and you get 10% OFF!.

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